4 Effective Tips to Boost Your Chiropractic Practice

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

You’ve found the perfect building, hired an excellent team, and even paid a pretty penny for a website developer to create your new practice home online.

You may have even had a handful of new patients to kick things off…

But now things are starting to slow down.

Don’t panic.

Starting a chiropractic practice is hard work, and it’s even harder when you’re struggling with getting people through the door.

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can get more eyes on your practice!

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Read on for some effective tips to boost your chiropractic practice and supercharge your patient acquisition process.

Boost Your Chiropractic Practice With a Blog

If you have a website (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?), you likely have content about who you are, where you are, and what services to provide.

These are all necessary parts of a good website, but you may be missing something…

A blog.

Not only will a blog boost your chiropractic practice website on Google, but it will also provide current and prospective patients with important things you want them to know.

Blogs can help you rank higher on Google due to keywords.

Keywords are quite literally the key words in your content.

"We are in our first month of The Smart Chiropractor and so far we have had our greatest amount of new patients in a month."


Dr. Alex Eckert, DC

Performance Health & Integrated Spine Care

Automate Your Emails

Your keywords help Google identify the topic of your blog so that they can show it to the most relevant audience.

As you create more blogs, you’re giving Google more context about your business/practice.

That is why creating a weekly blog is so important when you’re looking to boost your chiropractic practice.

If you are adding new keywords each week and providing Google with more information about your practice, you’re very likely to be rewarded with higher rankings and more clicks going to your website.

The other benefit of blogging is that your community and website visitors can also gain more information about your practice.

Pro Tip

An active blog is a great way to boost your chiropractic practice because it allows you to establish your authority and expertise and to showcase the benefits and results of your care.

At The Smart Chiropractor, we use a strategy called Teach & Invite Consistently.

Essentially, every blog you write is an opportunity to teach your audience something new.

That teaching moment provides you a chance to “invite” them to take the next step with your practice with a call to action.

If you do this consistently, you’ll notice that your schedule will fill up, your patients will show up more prepared for care, and your Google rankings will shoot up quickly.

Use Organic Social Media

Social media is no longer a “nice to have” when having a chiropractic practice.

At a minimum, you should have a Facebook Page.

Instagram and YouTube are also fantastic tools for you to utilize to boost your chiropractic practice.

An easy way to get engagement (the technical term for folks interacting with your posts by commenting, sharing, or liking) is to post questions and ask for answers.

Chiropractor Going Live on Facebook
Boost Your Chiropractic Practice: Go Live and Ask Questions

Just like your blog, your social posts can (and should) Teach & Invite Consistently.

We recommend posting at least 2x day to your Facebook Page.

Yup, you read that correctly at least 2x day.

Content feeds move fast, and if you’re only posting once every few days, it’s unlikely that you’ll gain any traction on social networks.

It’s just not enough to boost your chiropractic practice.

Get This…

As we’ll discuss next, there’s a hot market right now for social media video content, especially for chiropractors and other wellness experts – now referred to as online health influencers.

Create Chiropractic Instructional Videos

An easy way to get more eyes on your practice is by creating chiropractic instructional videos for people looking for back pain relief or getting help to heal their sciatica at home.

Sure, you’re giving this information away for free, but if you do it right, you’ll be scoring inbound links to your site that will rank your website higher on Google (that’s SEO!) and showing your health tribe that you are a trusted source for chiropractic care.

Of course, you also probably already have some of the equipment you’ll need for this right on your phone, but if not, we’ve got some gear recommendations.

Not only can you create YouTube videos, but TikTok and Instagram Reels are other excellent options to help boost your chiropractic practice.

Woman Viewing Chiropractic Instructional Videos on YouTube
Boost Your Chiropractic Practice: Teach and Invite Consistently

Plus, the popularity of these accounts shows that there’s a large potential audience there!

There are just a few popular chiropractors on TikTok right now, which means you have the opportunity to become the next viral chiropractic star.

At The Smart Chiropractor, we provide our members with scripting to shoot instructional videos on Thursday.

Tactical Thursday is a great day to shoot a “show and tell” instructional video.

Pro Tip

While shooting video can be intimidating at first, there is no other medium that builds trust faster.

Spend a Little on Paid Search and Social Ads

No one likes ads on Google or social media.


You’d be amazed at how well they work when done correctly.

With an average ROI of $8 for every $1 spent, Google Search Ads should be a no-brainer for most businesses.

However, they can get a little pricey, so having a good ads strategy is key.

Social media ads are a little trickier than search ads because many different platforms have different rules.

We recommend putting your ad dollars toward Facebook and Instagram to start with.

If you’re not ready to create ads yet, you can take some of your better-performing posts and boost them to get them seen by more potential clients.

Here’s the thing…

Running ads isn’t easy.

Too many times, chiropractors are lured into deep discount advertising by ad agencies.

To be clear, deep discount ads can generate “leads” but tend to cost more over time with less and less return.

The reason most ad agencies want chiropractors to discount ads is that discount ads are the cheapest and easiest way for the ad company to run their business, not because it’s in your practice’s best interests.

Also, deep discount ads allow them to hide the actual return on investment.

For example, getting 50 leads in a month sounds great…

But the real question is how many of those “leads” came in for care, and what was their average lifetime value?


Often, the leads generated from deep discount ads sound like a good idea on the surface, but the actual cost of these ads can be far greater than you initially thought.

A better way to run ads is to boost your social posts that are already performing well or create an ad with an email opt-in (in the marketing world, it’s called a “lead magnet”).

By boosting your posts that are already performing well, you can work with the platforms’ algorithms to maximize your reach.

For example, creating an ad that promotes a lead magnet can help you build your email list and provides you with additional opportunities to Teach & Invite Consistently with your email follow-up!

Final Thoughts to Boost Your Chiropractic Practice

Growing your practice can be a lot of work, but it’s well worth it.

With a solid marketing strategy in place, your schedule will be full of patients in no time.

You don’t have to do this all on your own, though.

Check out some of our resources here!

We’d love to talk to you about how to better boost your chiropractic practice.

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