Growth Mindset: Unmarketing Your Chiropractic Practice

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Have you ever thought about why a patient would choose YOU as their chiropractor?

We want to open your mind and shift your understanding to a different way of marketing your practice… by unmarketing your chiropractic practice.

By updating your marketing mindset.

As a chiropractor in the trenches today, you know that the way the world communicates has evolved, and your practice needs to adapt and evolve to these changes if you haven’t already.

The idea of unmarketing your chiropractic practice is what we refer to as new, old-fashioned marketing.

Marketing is ultimately about connecting with your community, and an unmarketing approach puts the spotlight on how you can and should be sharing your unique solutions for your community’s common health problems and human performance goals.

Unmarketing your chiropractic practice, then, is about marketing your practice in a way that attracts people who want your services, not because you’re the best deal in town, but because you are shared and referred to by trusted friends and family.

People should value working with you because of who you are as well as what you offer.

They’re hiring you to help them with their most valuable asset — their health!

Think of it like this…

Do you pride yourself on being the cheapest option around?

That may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer.

However, if you’re focusing on deep discount, special offer marketing and high-pressure, sales-oriented communication, it might not be so clear cut.

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Dr. Ryan Grenier, DC

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Simple. Chiropractic services are different from commodities.

Think about it.

Would you drive across town to get gas?

Probably not… unless it’s cheaper…because it’s a commodity.

When it comes to commodities, convenience and cost win the sale.

However, that’s not how people behave when it comes to buying chiropractic services.

We know that, but we forget it.

We’ve allowed ourselves to become addicted to the promises Facebook ad companies sell us – i.e. promoting discount offers for our practice in the hopes that it generates enough leads.

We get enamored with the latest shiny no-effort-required “special offer.”

“Get lots of new patients in your office – you don’t have to do anything; we’ll take care of everything,” they promise.

Sure, these tactics get your name out there, and the deeply discounted special offer can get you leads.

However, in time, you discover that most of the people who respond to these special offers are exactly as advertised: deal-shoppers – not necessarily your ideal patient.

If you want to attract more new patients who want what you offer because of your skills, not just because you were the cheapest option, you’ll need to adapt your mindset and, yes, do a little bit of work.

Which “work” do you want to do?

Would you prefer to live your life doing the work of marketing yourself as a commodity?

Of selling a service people can get in many different places in many different ways?

(Remember: When presented as a commodity, chiropractic care is often a matter of choosing the most convenient location and the cheapest price.)


Would you prefer to do the work of unmarketing your chiropractic practice – marketing by sharing your skills, talents, and interests and building a tribe of people who love you for it?

Of creating a direct-to-consumer relationship so you can continually share your latest insights, interests, news, and views with those who care about what “you” have to say?

If you are a commodity, then when a patient’s finances get a little tight, it’s easy for them to search for another chiropractor who’s cheaper.

What percentage of your current new patients are highly qualified?

Highly qualified patients come into your practice familiar with who you are, what you stand for, and feel grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

It’s undeniable that we’re living in a completely different universe than we were years ago.

Simply put, we’re controlled and influenced by what we’re consuming through all of our screens and smart devices most of the day.

Our phones serve as our alarm clock in the morning; as our way to check-in with our friends, family, work, sports, and hobbies.

Again, communication has evolved, and your practice’s marketing also needs to evolve.

Chiropractors of all types, of all ages, in all stages of practice are finding it more challenging to manage, grow, and profit in practice today.

They’re working harder and harder to implement new tactics with an old mindset.

Whether it’s the belief that the only way to be profitable in practice is to remain dependent on powerful insurance companies…

Whether it’s the belief that marketing deep discount special offers on the first page of Google are your best source of new patients because of its measurable ROI…

Practices that are experiencing the most significant growth with the least effort are those whose mindsets have shifted to align with today’s technology and direct-to-consumer buying habits.

It starts by connecting with them on Facebook.

Providing a daily dose of inspiration is an incredibly powerful way to connect online.

Following those posts up with timely health reminders throughout their day takes it a step further.

You’re building your practice’s social network reach by making a positive difference in your community.

Inviting people to favorite you on social – to subscribe to your tribe – so they can wake up inspired is a simple way of saying, “Hey everyone, we care!”

Once they favorite you, they’ll regularly see your posts, your Facebook Live videos, your monthly digital workshops, your invitations to upcoming internal and external events, and more.

Unmarketing Your Chiropractic Practice: The Formula

Your Facebook Page allows you to builds an audience.

That audience is interested in hearing and learning from you regularly.

That’s what they “opted-in” for. That’s why the favorited you.

That’s what they are expecting from you.

This is a valuable audience to stay connected with.

And if you want to grow your practice, you need to leverage your ability to share with people what problems you help them solve.

With your unique perspective on life, health, and human performance, people can learn about you before they start care in your practice.

The more people you can teach about your unique specialty and professional beliefs, the more you will hear: “Yes, I’d like to receive your care.”

That’s the mindset behind unmarketing your chiropractic practice.

The more you show them how you can help them solve their problem – whatever it is – the more pre-qualified new patients/clients and referrals you can expect.

The bigger your tribe, the larger your impact, influence, and income potential will be.

So, what’s the secret to building your tribe?

It starts first thing every morning.

Many of us use our mobile devices to wake ourselves up. So in an instant, we’re connecting.

If you’re like us, you’re checking texts, emails, Facebook, and Instagram within the first hour, if not the first few minutes, after waking up.

Every morning.

Why do we do it?

We wake up, and we want to feel good. We want a treat. We want validation that everything is OK.

We want to see what’s up with our friends and family – what’s in the news.

We want to see how many people Like, Commented, or Shared something we posted.

Maybe we just want to see a kitty video or something silly.

We go to find something that inspires us, something to make us smile and feel more connected.

Whatever your reasons are, we’re all plugged in all the time, for both business and pleasure.

It’s what we do.

Shouldn’t your gift of daily inspiration be the thing that wakes up thousands of people in your community?


Because sharing your inspiration is an act of kindness. It is a gift you can give to people throughout your community.

Unmarketing your chiropractic practice is about an authentic conversation, not just a gimmick to sell more stuff.

When you provide inspiration and genuine value that helps your tribe improve their health and life, they get to know, like, and trust you.

Then they share you.

It’s the idea that the more inspiration and genuine value you share, the bigger your tribe will grow.

The bigger your tribe grows, the greater your potential for impact, influence, and income.

It’s consistently and persistently inviting people to “wake up inspired” with your tribe on Facebook (or any other platform you choose) every morning.

We’ve automated this process of posting through The Smart Chiropractor and the results are fantastic!

Offering people the gift of inspiration every morning earns you the right to share your other gifts of knowledge with them over time.

Some will care. Some won’t.

Since you don’t know who will and who won’t, keep teaching to everyone, and those interested will continue to learn as long as you continue to teach.

Remember: “The more they can learn from you, the more you can earn from them.”

There is an accumulated impact of growing a tribe of people who wake up inspired by you, who continue to learn from you, and who like you.

The very same people who come to your practice and say, “Yes, we would like to receive ongoing care in your practice,” will buy the lifestyle products you recommend and will enthusiastically refer their friends, family, and coworkers.

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