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Does Your Greens Supplement Include These 3 Super Greens?

What’s all the rage about getting enough greens each day?

In this article we’ll take a look at the science of daily greens supplements.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The Age-Old Battle for Veggies

The kid in me still loves many of the same things that I did back then.

I still love to go roller-skating.

I still love to play basketball on an old cement court.

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I still love exploring around the backwoods to climb some trees.

Some things I have thankfully grown out of.

I no longer enjoy eating dirt, I don’t have a crush on the girl next door, and I’ve left my messy, long-hair days behind me as well.

However, one habit that I have not grown out of is my aversion to one of the best things for me: vegetables.

As children, mom made sure that we ate at least a few of the carrots and peas on our plates before we could be finished.

Whenever we went to other peoples’ houses and made some kind of veggie casserole, we asked if we could have chicken nuggets instead.

Okay… maybe this is just me.

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Perhaps all of you were wonderful children who ate all of their vegetables immediately with your parents beaming from the side of the table.

Many of you will probably be able to relate to me.

For the rest of us, not only was the aversion staunch in our youth but, unfortunately, has persisted into adulthood.

Even though many of us understand the benefits and importance of greens much more fully, we still are not fans of asparagus and Brussel sprouts.

For others, the obstacle may be more practical.

It typically takes more time and effort to prepare a full meal with vegetables included than it does to pop a frozen pizza in the oven.

In addition, vegetables are perishable.

Get This

Recent research has debunked the myth that healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food at the time of purchase (Carlson & Frazao, 2013; Haws et al., 2017).

However, many people will buy non-perishable foods because, simply put… they don’t go bad.

Even if healthy foods are cheaper than unhealthy foods, the money goes wasted if we don’t eat them in time.

So what is the best solution?

How can we fill our bodies with the “good stuff” without worrying about going bad or tasting bad?

A Word About Green Shakes vs Greens Supplements

Many people have found that one of the best ways to fill their bodies with the “good stuff” in an effective way is taking all of those good green veggies and blending them all up into a quick and easy shake.

However, one of the most challenging parts of this process is again making sure that all of the ingredients are available and consistently kept in stock.

Know This

This self-selection method of vegetables in a shake can often lead to gaps in nutritional needs due to a lack of knowledge from the consumer.

Another solution is to follow the “gym rats” and buy some kind of shakeable pre-made veggie powder to get our daily intake of greens.

However, there are still issues with this method as well.

Firstly, and quite honestly most importantly, even with all of the time and effort in the world, many of these powders still have significant gaps in the greens they provide.

There are many examples of greens supplements powders that boast significant levels of various types of greens, but when you compare them to other greens supplements, they don’t quite measure up.

So many people put so much money and effort into researching, choosing, and purchasing the “perfect” powder for their nutritional needs.

Mature African American Man Tries New Greens Supplement He Found After Researching Options Online
Greens Supplements: Research and Results

Then after completing their long and arduous search, they discover that their final selection is still lacking.

Possibly not lacking in amounts, but more likely lacking in diversity.

Often the most popular greens supplements are not diverse in their approach to nutrition.

They offer proper “amounts” of their greens, but only a few are chosen to be included.

This can lead to having too much of certain things but not enough of others.

The question that needs to be asked (and answered) is what is required, beneficial, and required in a greens supplement?

Are there some things that are more important than others?

Which greens supplement ingredients are most beneficial and which are superfluous?

3 Must Have Greens Powder Supplement Super Ingredients

According to research, we can identify a few very beneficial ingredients that can be included in greens supplements.

Three incredibly healthy greens provide incredible health benefits: spirulina algae, Kamut grass, and oat grass.

We will discuss the benefits of each of these over the rest of the article and find a greens supplement that includes all of these and even more healthy greens in the best market blend available.

But first, let’s talk about algae.

1. Spirulina Algae

The Spirulina Kind Algae is one of the first types of organisms to have developed on the planet.

It can be described as a mix between bacteria (the good kind like in our gut) and the first plants.

Overhead View of Common Greens Supplement Spirulina Algae Powder in a Bowl
Greens Supplements: Spirulina Algae

Algae is all over.

Freshwater, saltwater, ponds, lakes, oceans, rivers, you name it, algae are likely in it.

Most algae subsist on water and sunlight just like any other plant.

Spirulina algae are one of the oldest types of algae in existence.

Know This

According to a literature review on spirulina algae, in multiple separate studies, 1-2 grams per day of spirulina has shown to effectively aid in reducing excess weight (extra fat), lower appetite in a healthy way, and improve blood lipid profiles without any established adverse side effects (DiNicolantonio et al., 2020).

2. Kamut Grass

If you are looking for an ancient and healthy grain for your bread and baking needs, one needs to look no farther than the rich history of Khorasan wheat or Kamut grass.

This type of grain has been grown in eastern Europe and the Middle East for centuries and has been touted with health benefits for almost as long.

Side View of Small Mound of Common Greens Supplement Kamut Grass Powder
Greens Supplements: Kamut Grass

However, until recently, few scientific studies have been completed on them.

In 2013, a group of researchers conducted a single-blind randomized study.

Know This

Researchers found that consumption of Kamut products over just eight weeks improved LDL cholesterol and blood glucose levels, increased blood concentrations of key electrolytes for energy, and reduced inflammatory cytokines (Sofi et al., 2013).

3. Oat Grass

Since many of us were children, we have known the health benefits of eating our oats from mom’s breakfast lectures.

Close Up Shot of Common Greens Supplement Ingredient Wild Oat Grass
Greens Supplements: Oat Grass

However, not only the grain itself but the grass of oats have incredible health benefits in addition.

Know This

An article from McGrane in 2019 describes multiple different studies and benefits that we can receive from oat grass and oat grass extract, including a green high in iron and zinc, reduction in inflammation, and possibly most exciting, improved brain function and mood due to enhanced blood flow from eating oat grasses over time, (McGrane, 2019).

Each of these benefits makes each of these greens vital in a greens supplement.

Why are they so difficult to find together?

Basis Health Greens: a Genuinely “Supplementary” Greens Powder Supplement

This is where Basis Health comes in.

Their commitment to providing effective and foundational supplements results in supplements that give one what they need without extra superfluous ingredients.

The Basis Health Greens Powder includes spirulina algae, Kamut grass, and oat grass in higher quantities than Amazon’s Best Seller or Amazon’s Choice greens powder supplements.

In addition, research-based ingredients such as Alfalfa Leaf, chlorella algae, and organic kombu are just a few additional ingredients that help to create a well-rounded and effective greens powder that will give you all of the health benefits of your daily greens without the hassle and less-than-enjoyable taste of other greens supplements or methods.

Regardless of your nutritional supplementation decisions, make sure you are informed about your diet.

Find out where your “nutritional gaps” are and fill them accordingly.

Doing so can help to ensure that we live long, healthy, and happy lives!

Making the best decisions in life always requires study and deliberation, and your diet should be no different.

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