7 Epic Days with Dr. Joe Dispenza at the Week Long Advanced Retreat

Since my recent post about “Finally attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long meditation retreat,” several people asked if I would share my experience and report back on my recommendation for others.

It’s been a week.

I wanted to take some time to re-enter my life and reflect on my experience before sharing.

I’m back in my world and have had some time to reflect, so here it goes…

“Do I recommend Dr. Joe’s work and this event?”

The simple answer is… yes!

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Dr. Joe has my highest recommendation possible.

Of course, that’s assuming you’re interested in learning about the science of human behavior and health and their relationship to heart and brain coherence.

That you have an interest in upgrading your life by discovering how neuroscience, quantum physics, and epigenetics work together to create your health, healing, and endless possibilities in your life by “attracting” what you desire most.

If that’s all you’re here to find out whether I recommend you attend or not…

Go for it!

Here’s the link: https://drjoedispenza.com

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Why I Decided to Attend the Week Long Advanced Retreat by Dr. Joe Dispenza

I decided to attend Dr. Joe’s event after many years of my close friends enthusiastically sharing with me how profound their experience was over the multiple times they’ve attended.

Still, I never found or made the time to go.

Not because I was resistant — the opportunity and timing never aligned.

Until it did — when the latest opportunity presented itself, my timing couldn’t have been better.

I was ready.

Over the past few years, I no longer felt like my inspired self.

I no longer recognized myself as the happy, grateful, hopeful, and inspired person I was and want to be again.

Despite the many gifts in my life, I let the insanity of the world get to me.

I’ll spare you all the personal details but let’s say the many years of personal life issues that accumulate as a by-product of divorce, parenting, relationships, business challenges, and our social and political climate, both inside the chiropractic profession and around the world all under the influence of a worldwide, insane pandemic…

I fell into a mindset that the future would be dark and bleak, stealing my hope and joy for life.

I felt pretty much frustrated at just about everyone and just about everything.

I wasn’t the person I wanted to be anymore.

I lost my smile.

I went to find my smile again.

Professionally, I went to see why so many of my close, trusted friends were raving about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

Photo of Dr. Jason Deitch with Friends and Colleagues at Life University
Posing for a Photo with Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Guy Reiekeman. and Friends

My Personal Experience at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreat

My week meditating with Dr. Joe was precisely the experience I had hoped for.

I don’t feel brainwashed — I feel brain cleansed.

That’s a good thing.

It helped me recalibrate my perspective, attitude, and energy.

I feel great and grateful again.

It’s hard to imagine anything more straightforward than breathing, sitting, laying down, or walking and learning how to pay attention to my body and mind.

The experience was perfectly guided over multiple days to focus my attention and energy within, every morning, sometimes very early mornings when it was most powerful to connect with my energy centers from the base of my spine to the top of my skull.

There’s remarkable science supporting this specific process and even more remarkable science coming out of this specific process.

Dr. Joe nailed it.

I was amazed.

A View of All the Attendees Gathered in a Hotel in San Diego for Dr. Joe Dispenza's Week Long Advanced Retreat
Attendees at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreat

It was magical for me to step out of my daily routine and unconscious habitual thoughts about my life that, over time, became my personality and so quickly be able to wipe the slate clean.

I learned how easy it is to start each morning with not just a blank canvas but an intention for what I want in my life.

I have a new, fresh consciousness and skill set to take charge of how I want to feel and who I want to be in my life.

It was an opportunity to remember that I / we can create good things now and in the future.

Our future can be what we make it to be.

Not much has changed in the external world the week I was retreating, but much has changed in my inner world.

I’m adjusting my attitude to feel the way I want to feel about what’s happening in the world. I’m making new choices about where I focus my attention and energy, which is helping me decide what role and contributions I want to make to do what I can do to create the future I want to see.

It feels like a second, fresh start.

Like heading into the locker room at halftime to reconnect and re-energize with a game plan to win the second half.

Whatever happened in the first half doesn’t matter much beyond asking, what can I learn from my first half that can inform me how to do even better in the next half of my life.

With this new perspective, I feel better about everything and everyone.

I’m adding good habits to my daily routines and investing time to tune into myself daily.

I’m challenging myself to make time each day to pause and focus on being conscious and deliberate about who I want to be, what I want to do, and how I want to feel today and every day.

It’s incredible what happened to me in one week.

I feel a more significant, deeper connection and love for my life.

I have a more remarkable ability to understand, appreciate and focus my thoughts, feelings, and connection to my internal energy.

After one simple week, I feel rehabilitated, renewed, refreshed, re-engaged, and re-inspired.

My hope and goal are to continue the journey, cultivating and growing this feeling through a daily meditation practice.

Living with more awareness of my inner thoughts, energy, and feelings, recognizing that although I cannot control my external world, I always have the internal ability to control how I respond to it all.

That idea is not new to me — however, the week-long experience made it real for me.

The experience made the difference.

It’s one thing to talk about these ideas.

It’s another to live them.

What happened to me went beyond words and into the realm of an amazing transformative experience.

It’s only been a week since my Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat.

I’m confident I’ll have more insights and reflections in time as I apply these ideas in my life, but so far, I feel that I got out of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s retreat exactly what I had hoped for.

Remember that life is a big idea, more significant than the mundane tasks, daily frustrations, personal disappointments, and obligations we all have, and recognize that we are the creators of our lives.

We get to choose who we want to show up as and what we want to create and contribute to others every day.

I remember that now.

Beyond words and intellect, I feel it.

For that, I am extremely grateful.

My intention for going to this Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat was to find my smile again.

Mission accomplished:)

Thank you, Joe.

My Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza About His Book Evolve Your Brain: the Science of Changing Our Mind

My Lesson for Chiropractors from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreat

As someone who’s invested my entire adult life and career working to help the chiropractic profession share our message with the masses to increase the public’s awareness of the benefits of living a chiropractic lifestyle…

I saw many things during this week that I believe are evidence that chiropractors are missing a significant opportunity to position ourselves as experts who help people understand the capacity we have to self-heal and live far greater lives, expressing our innate potential.

New Patient Marketing versus Patient Education

Chiropractors have become solely focused on “marketing to get more new patients.”

Is anyone focusing on “teaching” people about chiropractic, so people understand it and want it for what it is?

Over the past several years, most chiropractors I’ve connected with seemed to have resigned themselves to focus their very limited extra attention, energy, and resources on doing whatever’s necessary to “get more new patients.”

Practice has lost its joy.

It’s gone from being their dream career to becoming a profit-driven business, with the most significant problem most are trying to solve is how to get as many new patients as possible.

Who can blame them? There’s a financial reality to keeping the doors open.

But we might be solving a short-term problem while creating a larger, long-term problem over time.

Marketers have marketed that for $X per month — they’ll do the work to get you more new patients into your office so you can focus on what you like to do most.

Where’s the problem with that?

New patients who come for pain relief are seeking pain relief.

And within a short period of time, most people either feel better and leave or don’t feel better and leave.

Either way, most go, and that leaves you with the chronic pain of always needing to “market to get” more new patients to keep your practice functioning and alive.

“Market to Get” versus “Teach to Give”

New patients who come to you because they have learned how your unique service can help them improve their lives in the near and long term are people who are there for the longer-term benefits and experience.

They’re not looking for a quick crack covered by their insurance so they can leave as soon as possible.

When you build a practice with people who appreciate the longer-term benefits of your care before starting care, you don’t need as many new patients all the time.

They pay, stay, and refer.

I was amazed… this Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat sold out, with approximately 1500 registrations in less than 5 minutes.

People traveled from 40 countries to stay in a hotel in San Diego to sit in a lecture-style metal chair for a week and learn how to create greater health, peace, abundance, connection, and life from Dr. Joe.

They lined up early each morning to reserve their seat, starting as early as 3 am one morning with a packed ballroom at 4 am going until 6 pm or later each day.

We couldn’t get enough each day.

His message about the body consistently referenced science and research.

His message about our mental and physical healing capacity was rooted and reinforced with hope and potentiality.

It was a magical combination.

Here’s what science says about how your body works.

Here’s a person’s experience and how I know you have the potential to achieve amazing results too…

It would be hard for anyone exposed to what he’s teaching not to be overwhelmingly convinced that we are all, as he calls us, “unlimited.”

Dr. Joe has shown that there is a hungry population of people worldwide who want to learn and are willing to pay to discover their innate ability to connect to what Einstein referred to as the “Unified Field” to self-heal and express their genetic health potential.

Attendees were not seeking a quick-fix or solution in a pill — many had already tried that, so they were here.

People are there to learn what they can do to help themselves.

Headshot of Dr. Joe Dispenza Surrounded by Information About His AmpLIFEied Live Interview with Dr. Jason Deitch
My Interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza About His Best Selling Book You Are the Placebo

Throughout the week, I kept thinking to myself, that’s chiropractic.

That’s our science.

That’s our philosophy.

That’s what our profession is based on.

Then I asked myself, “Can we teach chiropractic better if we don’t constantly call it chiropractic?”

Then this happened to me.

On the very last day, after the last meditation, I sat next to a lovely woman who asked me how I learned about Dr. Joe and if I enjoyed the event.

I replied by saying, this might not make a lot of sense, but I went to the same chiropractic school as Dr. Joe, and what I had heard over the past week is based on many of the same ideas as chiropractic.

Dr. Joe shared our message brilliantly, without ever calling it chiropractic.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

I told her that what inspired me to become a chiropractor was when I learned that chiropractic was based on precisely what Dr. Joe shared all week long.

What Chiropractors are Taught
  1. We are all connected to a Unified Field of energy that we call Life.
  2. Our health and life are based on our expression of Life, aka energy.
  3. Our brain and nervous systems are the transducer and communication network for this energy to transform energy into matter to control and coordinate all of our mind and body functions.
  4. Our health improves or declines over time, based on our daily habits and choices that allow for the maximum expression of our energy.

My goal as a chiropractor was to keep you expressing as much of your energy as possible so that you can express your innate potential for life.

She looked at me and shockingly said, “That’s what you do? I’m a physician, and I’ve never heard that before. I know chiropractors and have been to chiropractors, and none of them have told me anything like that. I can’t believe it.”

And instantly, she asked more questions to better understand.

She was authentically and enthusiastically curious.

She shared that she’s an infectious disease physician from Las Vegas and has been devastated by the damage of the past two years.

What she realizes is that what she is learning is shifting her entire paradigm regarding what she does.

This was her second week-long Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat in less than six months, and she plans on attending more.

Lesson Learned

What if we first taught people about themselves before we taught them about us?

I’m convinced that people are very curious to learn what they can do to help themselves live better lives.

Whether that means healing themselves of pain or health concerns or improving their function and performance in life.

I wonder what would happen if we did what Dr. Joe is doing.

What if we taught people more about themselves?

What if we shared with them how their body is designed to work and consistently reminded them about the potential we all have to heal, adapt, and grow, similar to how Dr. Joe does?

How Chiropractic Should be Shared

What if we taught people about chiropractic by first sharing…

  • The science of their body and their potential with them.
  • How people’s brain and body function so they know what it’s supposed to do?
  • That self-healing is normal, common, and in most cases, expected.
  • Example after example of how people have healed themselves by improving their choices and habits?
  • What’s possible for their lives before they learned how chiropractic could help them experience it?

Most people have forgotten the fundamental truths of life because others have convinced them they are limited.

They are very limited to doing much of anything themselves without talking to their doctor about the latest breakthrough prescription or medical procedure highly recommended by their doctor and covered by their insurance.

What if we taught people, like Dr. Joe says, about how “unlimited” they are by understanding how powerful our body and mind can be?

What if we taught them how to make better choices and instill better habits without having to say the word “chiropractic” in every sentence?

Most people don’t know what the word “chiropractic” even means.

Even chiropractors have different definitions.

I’ve wondered about this for the past almost 30 years.

I’ve been asking myself one simple question: “If chiropractic is such a big idea, such a vital service that helps so many people improve their health and life, why is the chiropractic profession still so small and underutilized relative to our entire health care system?”

The only logical answer is that we’re not explaining what chiropractic is to people so that they understand the deeper meaning and how it can help them in the long-term, beyond the typical story that it might help some musculoskeletal conditions for some people sometimes.

Is that what inspired you to become a chiropractor?

Or, upon reflection, have you also resigned yourself to giving people what they think they want instead of what you know they need for a better life?

Have you fallen into the trap too?

Are you “marketing to get “or “teaching to give?”

Teaching people your unique perspective about your special knowledge is a generous way to practice and live that will benefit you, your practice, and your community over time.

The sooner you start, the longer you do it, and the more everyone wins.

A few closing, clarifying thoughts: Yes, the world is not in the best shape we’ve seen it.

Yes, many bad things are happening, and worse things could happen in our future.

Yes, we make choices about what we want to feel about the issues that matter and what we’re going to do about them to somehow make a positive dent.

There are a lot of things we can’t do anything about.

But here’s something we can do…

Chiropractors come from very diverse backgrounds and training, and therefore we should expect chiropractic to be expressed in various ways.

As it always was and should be.

We can be different in our applications while being common in our passion to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

We can celebrate our diversity and surrender the idea that we will have one message for one profession.

To be clear, I’m not saying that we all have to teach “what” Dr. Joe is teaching.

We should all learn from “how” Dr. Joe is teaching, and we should be proactively investing our positive energy generously teaching our specialized knowledge the way he does.

First, Dr. Joe passionately and energetically teaches the science of how the brain and autonomic nervous system works.

He gets so excited sharing what it looks like when we work properly and what it looks like we’re not working correctly.

Second, he teaches that every one of us has the potential to make our body and mind work better by doing these things by showing examples of people who have already done it.

Then asks us all the questions, if they can do it, why can’t you? How can you apply that teaching formula for your success?

Each has a role, responsibility, and opportunity to share what we uniquely know and do.

Perhaps we should teach people “how” powerful they are to live better lives?

Let’s get excited again about sharing people’s potential to heal themselves.

Did you know your brain can instruct your body to create natural pharmaceutical drugs to help you heal yourself?

“Here’s how it works. Here’s someone I worked with who healed from ____ already. We’re seeing more and more of this happening. Maybe you can heal/achieve too?”

Doc, Ask Yourself This
  • What can you teach? What specialized knowledge do you have and offer?
  • What common problems can you help people solve?
  • What can people do to help themselves?
  • What can people do if they want to take the next step?

This idea applies to any philosophy and practice.

That’s the point.

We’re never going to agree on one message to define all chiropractors.

Nor do we have to.

Teach what you believe will make the greatest positive difference to the people in your world.

Soon, you’ll have healed “your” chronic new patient problem by consistently “teaching to give.”

My Takeaways and Action Steps from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreat

I am making a conscious effort to “invest my attention” into things that are making a positive difference in people’s lives.

I’ve realized that I only have so much attention and energy that I can contribute.

I can’t solve every problem in the world.

Therefore, I choose to focus my efforts on shining a positive light and making a positive difference where I can.

That’s teaching chiropractors how to share more chiropractic more effectively, so more people can appreciate going to see one.

I say that because my recent past version of myself was very upset, distraught, distracted, and depressed about many of the issues going on in the world.

Most of which I cannot make much of a difference in.

Letting those things steal my energy, attention, and attitude away from what I can do, is good for no one.

Especially me.

Practically speaking, moving forward, I want to focus my attention on efforts where I can add positivity instead of fighting what’s negative.

I’m happy there are people to fight the fights that need to be fought.

It’s just that if I choose, and currently, I do.

Then I’m choosing to be a light shiner instead of a dark fighter who wasn’t fighting.

I was just complaining about how bad it was and is.

I don’t want to do that anymore.

I believe the world will be a better place when we share our unique perspective of life, health, and healing with as many people as possible.

My newly energized self-imposed mandate is to teach more chiropractors how to use the world’s largest social networks to share the world’s best-kept secrets in health care.

My focus, attention, and energy moving forward are to do my best to be my best, so I can help as many chiropractors as I can embrace the spirit of “teaching to give,” and then be able to provide you with the to tools and resources to make it affordable and easy for you to do consistently, over time so you can attract a “health tribe” of followers who want to learn and share what they are learning with others.

You will see a new level of energy and effort from me as I expand beyond my uncomfortable comfort zone and reach into my zone of energy and creative possibility.

I wonder what’s possible if more of us were to embrace this “teach to give” spirit.

In closing, one of the most inspiring ideas I remembered this week with Dr. Joe is the concept of coherence.

Schools of fish and murmurations of starlings.

Groups of individuals align and work effortlessly together, working in coordination as a larger, more powerful organism than the individual alone.

This next phase of my upcoming projects, services, and training will be focused on helping you be your best by implementing these ideas, ideals, and initiatives.

Going to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long advanced retreat was the best gift I could have given my old, frustrated self.

The great news is… I’m back.

Dr. Jason Deitch Takes a Selfie After Attending Dr. Joe Dispenza's Week Long Advanced Retreat
After Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Week Long Advanced Retreat

Smiling, feeling creative, connected, and energized.

I look forward to sharing, connecting, and working with you more in the future.

Stay tuned in for more.

I hope we stay connected.

The best is yet to come.

– Jason

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