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5 Keys to Designing a Chiropractic Website Google and Googlers Love

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Designing a Chiropractic Website That Converts Means Delivering Value

According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractors in the United States take care of more than 35 million adults and children each year.

Know This

It’s estimated that over 70% of people will search online before deciding on their healthcare providers.

So, that means millions of people each year are searching online before choosing their next chiropractor.

And the number one place they are searching is your website.

For the estimated 70,000 chiropractors in the US, attracting new patients is key to their business success.

Central to this is finding ways to help your practice stand out from the other practices in your area and attract more of your ideal patients.

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In this blog post, we will highlight 5 key points you’ll want to address when designing a chiropractic website.

Make It Aesthetically Pleasing

Here’s an interesting statistic to keep in mind when it comes to your chiropractic website.

Get This

Online users can form an opinion about a website in just 50 milliseconds, and if they are not instantly impressed, they are likely to leave and browse elsewhere.

First impressions do count.

Most modern website companies have pretty beautiful templates to choose from.

Scene Depicting Choosing a Pre-Built Template as a Starting Point for Designing a Chiropractic Website
Designing a Chiropractic Website: Templates and Layouts

A full-on custom website isn’t necessary for most practices, but if you use an “out of the box” template, make sure it looks clean and not too busy.

If your website looks like a website from the mid-90s or could do with a freshening up, then updating your template may be the easiest place to start.

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Automate Your Emails

Given that this is a chiropractic website, there should be plenty of photos and videos to accompany text on the pages.

By showing “behind the scenes” of your practice, you can help reduce the amount of fear or friction for new patients coming into your practice.

Remember, it’s intimidating to go to a new doctor — never mind a new chiropractor!

Know This

High-quality photos and videos can help someone see themselves in your practice.

When designing a chiropractic website, plan to use plenty of high-quality visuals so that you can increase the odds you’ll convert more of your website traffic into new patients.

Most website companies’ templates adapt seamlessly to mobile and desktop, but know there are a few holdouts you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

We’ve visited a few websites that weren’t mobile-friendly just this past week, and most of the important information hung off the side of the page.

A Young Adult Woman Working on Designing a Chiropractic Website Views Her Work on a Computer, Tablet, and Mobile Phone
Designing a Chiropractic Website: Responsive Design

So, that meant it was impossible to click the practice phone number of their online scheduler.

That is a huge missed opportunity.

So when designing a chiropractic website, be sure to check it on your mobile phone and desktop computer.

Know This

Since traffic to your website is likely to be about 50/50 between mobile and desktop, you’ll want to ensure that it looks good on both mediums.

A modern, responsive design should look great on both devices.

Make It Informative

The actual content on your website is crucial.

Informing potential patients about your practice in a clear and easy-to-digest way should be one of your primary goals when designing a chiropractic website.

Know This

Your website messaging should be focused on attracting your ideal patients.

If you love taking care of young athletes, then make sure your website has a bunch of information specifically catered to young athletes.

Your website visitors aren’t mind readers — they are only making judgments about your practice based on the information you provide.

And, for the love of all DCs, please get rid of the “wellness awaits you” header text.

Two Male Sports Chiropractors Brainstorm on the Right Copy to Use While Designing a Chiropractic Website for Their Practice
Designing a Chiropractic Website: Clear Communication

Not only are none of your visitors actively searching for wellness, but the statement is so confusing that you are probably repelling more people than you are attracting by using that generic copy.

Take a moment to consider the primary pain points that your ideal patient is struggling with and how you can help them find improvement.

That simple exercise is a great way to start thinking about the information you want to feature when designing a chiropractic website.

Marketing Mantra

Confusion kills conversion.

The more precise your website is on the problems you solve and the patients you treat, the easier it will be for more of your ideal patients to say “yes”!

Make It SEO-Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential digital marketing strategy designed to help boost your website’s visibility and ranking on Google and other search engines.

Tips for improving SEO include:

  • Using video content.
  • Making your content user-friendly and accessible.
  • Optimizing your content for relevant keywords.
  • Creating a Google Business profile.
  • Adding a clear call to actions on each page.
  • Posting to your blog regularly.

A big part of designing a chiropractic website involves incorporating SEO strategies that will help make your website more visible to your target audience.

Pro Tip

One of the best ways to improve your local SEO is your Google Business profile (formerly known as Google My Business).

First, verify that your NAP is correct.

Your NAP is the name, address, and phone number of your practice.

If your NAP is incorrect, you’ll never be able to convert any traffic from your profile.

African American Female Chiropractor Performs an SEO Audit of Competitor Websites While Designing a Chiropractic Website for Her Practice
Designing a Chiropractic Website: SEO Strategy

Here is a complete article on the 7 Steps to Optimize Your Google Business Profile.

At The Smart Chiropractor, our average member receives over 60 phone calls each month directly from Google, so this is an avenue you don’t want to miss.

Add Photos and Videos

We’ve already touched on this point, but it bears repeating.

Pro Tip

Many people won’t be sure what happens during a chiropractic visit, so uploading some instructional walk-through videos is of great benefit.

It’s effective for SEO, too.

A simple place to start is performing a quick video walk-through of your practice.

Show potential patients your reception area, adjustment rooms, rehab space, and front desk area.

This can put a new patient at ease before scheduling a visit.

Bonus points if you have your team briefly introduce themselves and their role in the practice.

Anything you can help people feel comfortable in your practice will help your overall new patient conversion numbers.

Utilize Your Blog Section

Your blog section is a handy tool for your website.

A blog helps to drive traffic, convert traffic into leads, build authority, foster a sense of community, help with link building, and can tie in nicely with social media posts.

As part of designing a chiropractic website and SEO strategy, we recommend planning on posting a weekly blog article to your website.

A Co-Ed Pair of Chiropractors Prepare to Shoot a Video to Post on Their Website and Social Channels as Part of Designing a Chiropractic Website
Designing a Chiropractic Website: Blogging and Posting

A weekly blog keeps your page fresh enough to drive better SEO.

Remember, you’re not trying to compete with Harvard Health and Wikipedia for big keywords like “back pain.”

Know This

Your goal is to have great local SEO.

That means you want to rank high for keywords relative to your practice in your community.

Each week we provide our Smart Chiropractor members with a weekly blog post that includes keywords and an enticing meta-description to help them improve their local SEO and drive more traffic to their website.

Share What Your Patients, Community, and Google Value

Designing a chiropractic website that has impact on your community and Google doesn’t need to cost an arm a leg, but you must have some of the basics dialed in.

Think of it this way.

For many practices, their website is the primary “front door” to their practice.

So, their website must reflect who they are as a chiropractor and speak to their ideal patients.

Keep that at the front of your mind when designing a chiropractic website.

The more your website becomes a trusted place of helpful information, the more likely it will convert more visitors into scheduled patients.

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