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User-Friendly Web Design for Chiropractors: 10 New Tips for 2022

If you’re a chiropractor looking to improve your web presence, it’s essential to make sure your website is user-friendly.

Remember This

Your website is often the first impression potential patients have of your practice, so you want to ensure it makes a positive impact.

Here are some simple website design tips that will help you create a website that’s both attractive and easy to use.

Why is Web Design for Chiropractors Important?

A chiropractor’s work is to help others, so your website should be easy to use, whether it’s a current patient seeking chiropractic care for chronic back pain or someone who has experienced an acute injury.

Your online booking process must be smooth, fast, and intuitive.

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The good news is that you can take some simple steps to ensure your web design doesn’t drive away potential patients because of poor usability.

How to Make Your Web Design User-Friendly

All websites should provide users with the information they need quickly and smoothly.

An easy-to-understand website can give your chiropractic practice a significant advantage in today’s competitive market.

Know This

A must remember theme for creating a user-friendly web design for chiropractors is that these websites should relay complex information without making it too complicated or confusing for the average user.

Use layman’s terms rather than industry jargon, but still provide information that people will appreciate reading.

Many visitors will be coming to your website with little knowledge of chiropractic terms or the services a chiropractor provides.

The technical specs of the digital X-Ray machines you’ll use to check the internal layout of their body may be impressive. But most chiropractic patients will simply be happy that a digital X-ray can help you identify the problem and develop an effective treatment plan.

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A good chiropractic website should also have a blog or news feed to help you build a relationship with your patients and keep them interested in what you do without becoming too self-promotional.

This can be outsourced to any number of content writing services.

Pro Tip

Before posting anything on your blog, it’s essential to know who your target audience is and what search intent will lead them to your site.

This knowledge will help you focus your efforts on promoting the chiropractic services and information that people around you are searching for and on optimizing your web design for chiropractors.

This not only helps the person searching online, but it can also help you bring in new patients.

Tips to Remember When Building a Chiropractic Website

Your website must optimize traffic and leads at low costs, especially if your clinic is based on referrals from friends and family or personal recommendations.

Google’s algorithm knows if your site gives your users what they’re searching for.

Optimizing your site can boost your website’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and increase lead generation.

A Group of Professionals Depict How User-Friendly Web Design for Chiropractors Pays Off in Appointments
Web Design for Chiropractors: Lead Generation

Consider the following tips to help build an excellent website for your chiropractic business or, if you’re supporting a local DC, to boost your web design for chiropractors.

1. Optimize Your URLs

Having friendly URLs for both users and search engine optimization (SEO) makes it more likely your pages will be found and shared on social media, which can further increasing traffic to your site.

For example, using the keyword “chiropractors” in the site’s domain name rather than your own name will boost site traffic.

You can learn more about how to optimize your URLs here.

Pro Tip

URLs are displayed in search results, so be sure to keep your directory / category / folder structure simple – i.e. avoid deep nesting of subdirectories to limit URL length.

2. Create SEO-Friendly Content

Surprisingly, one often overlooked aspect of any given web design for chiropractors is how important it is to make sure the content on your site is optimized for search engines and easily visible to users.

It should be clear what each page of your site focuses on to help ensure each page ranks higher and attracts more traffic than other sites.

Chiropractor Shows Website to Fellow Healthcare Professionals at a Local Networking Event
Web Design for Chiropractors: SEO Friendly

Search engine algorithms often look at incoming links, keywords, and website speed to determine where you’re pages should rank for specific topics, phrases, and locations.

So, optimizing your homepage’s content for SEO can bring targeted traffic from other sites back to yours – which can lead to increased brand recognition and value over time.

Pro Tip

It’s important for the copy—or written content—on your web pages to focus more on the associated benefits and solutions of what you offer rather than simple definition only service or product descriptions.

Your copy should provide something of value to the reader.

Yes, “keyword stuffing” can help your content rank, but Google and your users will catch on if your use of keywords is unnatural or too obvious.

A comprehensive SEO strategy that includes link-building, online marketing, and quality backlinks is immeasurably better than keyword stuffing, whether we’re talking web design for chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists – you name it.

3. Make Navigation Easy

Navigating your website should be easy and seamless regardless of where a user’s search takes them on your site.

A consistent menu across the top of every page will help with this, as will ease-of-use tools such as an integrated search bar or dropdown menus for subpages or subcategories.

Mature Woman Easily Navigates a Local Chiropractor's User-Friendly Website
Web Design for Chiropractors: Ease of Use

Your visitors should also be able to quickly access the information they’re looking for without having to scroll too much or complete multiple searches to find what they are looking for.

And your news page / blog should be easily accessible from the main navigation menu and provide a steady flow of content to inform visitors of new products, services, and features.

4. Use High-Quality Design

A professional-looking site design will make your chiropractic practice appear more credible and trustworthy.

Your overall design should feature easy-to-use navigation and prominently display your phone number, email address, and physical location (if you have an actual clinic location rather than just virtual office space).

Well designed web templates will also help make the structure and focus of each of your pages clear.

Giving your visitors a better page experience can ultimately help bring more traffic to those pages and increase their ranking power over time.

Pro Tip

Incorporating infographics, videos, testimonials, and social media posts in your design can be helpful.

5. Feature Strong Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action is a directive used to encourage someone to take a specific action.

CTAs can be featured as links, buttons, or forms as part of your web design for chiropractors or as part of your content marketing campaigns or pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to help you generate leads and build an email marketing list.

You might invite users to make an appointment, subscribe to your blog or newsletter, or make a purchase.

Scene Depicting a Couple Who Has Answered the Call to Action on a Local Chiropractor's Website
Web Design for Chiropractors: Calls to Action

Lead generation forms should always include details about what someone should expect after they submit your form.

This could be access to a specific video or piece of content, a call from you or one of your technicians, or simply an automated reply letting them know that you will soon get in touch with them.

6. Use Consistent Calls to Action

There are many places across your site to have high-impact CTA buttons.

You can place them on top of each page or blog post, in the sidebars on every page, and even related posts at the bottom of each blog post or news piece.

When it comes to web design for chiropractors, healthcare providers, and local health experts, a consistent call to action button template can help with brand recognition as well as help increase conversion rates over time.

This is good for your branding and marketing strategy, as well as your patients.

7. Tie In Social Media

Developing a content posting schedule for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can lead to increased exposure and website traffic over time.

Sites like Buffer and Hootsuite can automate posting for you based on when users are most likely to see your posts.

Pro Tip

When evaluating your web design for chiropractors, it’s important to have a focus on utilizing post links that point people back to your site and blog posts or relevant news pieces to help with branding efforts and help create more “buzz” around your company.

Additionally, buying ads on Facebook and other platforms can help draw in new patients—when done prudently.

To get the most out of social media, look into video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo that will allow you to upload both videos and audio files along with text-based blog posts that go into more detail on those topics.

What if you don’t have the resources to do this yourself?

Well… you can always count on The Smart Chiropractor to help generate more leads, better retention, and more reactivations without spending any money on advertising.

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8. Share Valuable Information

Another key aspect of a user-friendly web design for chiropractors is to build up your overall engagement with a steady flow of SEO-friendly blog posts both on your website and shared to your social media channels.

Your blog posts and news articles should be easy for patients and potential patients to read through quickly. They should also offer your readers value.

Pro Tip

You can use your posts to teach your patients how to get better results from their current exercises, give potential patients new workout ideas, or provide potential patients with any other practical information that they can use right away.

9. Audit Your Competitors

If you don’t know what your direct competitors are doing, do some research and find out right away.

Check out their social media profiles and their web design for chiropractors while keeping in mind the need for user-friendly design.

Scene Depicting Chiropractor Using a Search Engine to Research Local Competitor Websites
Web Design for Chiropractors: Research

Review their Google search results to see which keywords they are ranking for and how much competition exist for those terms.

All of this will be extremely valuable as you move forward with your website development.

10. Promote Your Website Offline

Offline, get out the word about your website and business by networking at local events or joining community groups like rotary clubs, chambers of commerce, LinkedIn Groups specific to your industry, and Meetups.

You’ll be able to connect with people who can help promote what you do in both a small business context and over the long term via word of mouth.

Pro Tip

Word of mouth is still one of the best things you can have when it comes to attracting new chiropractic patients and marketing your practice.

User-Friendly Web Design for Chiropractors Doesn’t Have to Be Complex

Remember, your website is often the first impression potential patients have of your practice.

Following these 10 key tips for web design for chiropractors will help you ensure it makes a positive impact!

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