S1E10: Your Chiropractic Patient Referrals are Not Enough

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Episode Recap

Your chiropractic patient referrals are not enough.

Building a professional network of other healthcare providers who consistently refer to your practice.

Smart chiropractic marketing includes thinking about who has YOUR ideal patient in THEIR practice.

If you think about your favorite patients…

It’s highly likely that you are thinking of someone who has referred a bunch of other people to your practice.

A strategic integrated referral network is a team of people who best serve your patients.

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A few ideas include acupuncturists, massage therapists, concierge physicians, and more.

Establishing a professional network is both an offensive and defensive marketing strategy.

It can help you prevent patient churn, build more credibility in your community, and drive more new patients in your practice.

Join us for the final episode of Season One where we discuss why your chiropractic patient referrals are not enough.

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Episode Highlights

  • [00:00:51] Building a professional network
  • [00:05:54] The clinical and business reasons to build a referral relationship
  • [00:12:53] Finding your dance partners
  • [00:17:58] Using social media to build and strengthen relationships
  • [00:22:46] Eliminating excuses

Impact Quotes

  • Building referral relationships is critical for practice success.
  • Referrals from other healthcare providers tend to be excited about care and more compliant with your recommendations.
  • Developing your own network of complementary providers can generate consistent chiropractic patient referrals for years to come.
  • Use social media to interview your favorite providers to build and grow both of your audiences.

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