5 Easy Steps to Start Reactivating Chiropractic Patients

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Reactivation campaigns can drive dozens of appointments onto your schedule and thousands of dollars of revenue into your practice in a matter of hours.

In many cases, reactivating chiropractic patients is literally as simple as reaching out and providing your inactive patients with a reason to re-engage with your practice.

Your chiropractic practice is sitting on a gold mine.

No, it’s not buried under your parking lot.

It’s sitting in your inactive patient lists!

  1. Reactivating Chiropractic Patients with Letters
  2. Chiropractic Patient Reactivation Scripts
  3. Our 5 Step Protocol

Inactive patients are people who haven’t come in to see you in at least 3 months.

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These patients should be the lifeblood of your consistent marketing, outreach, and monthly revenue.

Think about how many inactive patients you have.

Maybe it’s 100, 500, 1000, or more?

Imagine if 5-10% of those patients scheduled appointments in your practice next week.

That is the power of installing a chiropractic patient reactivation plan in your practice.

Patients become inactive for various reasons – maybe you discharged them from active care, perhaps they got a new job, or perhaps life just got in the way.

Regardless of the reason, these are your hottest “leads.”

"The pregnancy campaign was also big for us. We saw 2 pregnant patients in 4 months prior to TSC and last month had 10!"


Dr. Ryan Grenier, DC

Optimal Wellness

Automate Your Emails

Your inactive patients have already gone through the process of choosing your practice once, which is the hardest part.

Now it’s time for your chiropractic practice to stay connected to them with a quarterly patient reactivation campaign.

1. Reactivating Chiropractic Patients with Letters

The Smart Chiropractor Chiropractic Patient Reactivations

In the past, chiropractors could easily spend thousands of dollars on direct mail reactivation campaigns.

Then there would be weeks of impatiently waiting to see if it “worked”.

Patient reactivation letters were expensive to produce and time-consuming to send, and the results were nearly impossible to track.

Not anymore!

Modern chiropractic practices that are growth-oriented now routinely use email to automate their patient reactivation campaigns.

It’s making reactivating chiropractic patients extremely easy and can 10X your results (at least).

By using your email service, like ChiroEmails, you can now automate your reactivation campaigns and send your letters through email.

Even better, when you send a patient reactivation letter through email, you can track everything, including how many people you sent it to, how many opened it, how many clicked the link to schedule, and how many shared the email with a friend.

The Smart Chiropractor has developed a 5-Step Reactivation Protocol that is easy to implement and extremely effective at getting nearly unbelievable results.

2. Chiropractic Patient Reactivation Scripts

The Smart Chiropractor Patient Reactivation Protocol

Our 5-Step protocol uses a combination of patient reactivation phone scripts and email templates to stay top of mind and fill your schedule with ease.

For your practice to chart a course of consistent growth, you’ll need to retain at least 80% of your past patients.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they need to be seeing you multiple times per week forever.

It does mean that people who choose you once should choose you again in the future.

Your job is to create an environment that keeps you on their mind and makes it easy for them to say “yes” when they’re ready.

If your average lifetime value of a patient is $1,000-$2,000, then even the addition of 4 patients per month could add up to nearly $100,000 in lost revenue for the year!

3. Our 5 Step Protocol

The Smart Chiropractor Engage Your Patients

One way to start plugging up the holes in your bucket is to have a quarterly reactivation protocol.

The 5-step protocol below is followed until contact is made with the patient.

Here is your Smart Chiropractor Reactivation 5-Step Protocol:

  1. Phone Call #1
  2. Email #1 (same day as Phone call #1)
  3. Phone Call #2 (same scripts as Phone Call #1, done two days later)
  4. Email #2 (the same day at Phone Call #2)
  5. Optional Text Message

The Smart Chiropractor protocol for reactivating chiropractic patients is available now in the Private Members Vault.

We like to say, “your money is in our vault.”

The Vault contains the marketing tools you need to get more new patients (and reactivated patients) into your practice every month.

Consistency and ease- that’s what happens with automatic marketing with The Smart Chiropractor.

We like to over-deliver for our members, but patient reactivation scripts are so crucial to every chiropractic practice that we’re going to share one of our phone scripts with you!

To get started, here is a sample of one of our phone scripts…

“Hello (patient)”,

“This is (your name) calling from (your practice). How are you?”

“I am updating our patient files, and our records show your last visit was approximately (weeks/months) ago.”

“I am calling to check in with you, make sure you are doing ok and see if you have had any recurrences of your (neck pain, back pain, chief complaint) or new health concerns you may be experiencing?”

Listen for response.

If yes: “That concerns me too, I’d be happy to schedule a time for you to speak with Dr. (name).”

Schedule visits as appropriate.

If no: “Well, that’s great news that you’re feeling so well, and you haven’t felt any effects of these past stressful months. I’ll make a notation in your chart notes that you’re doing well and have no new health concerns, aches, or pains.”

“I’m also going to make a note to follow-up with you next quarter to check-in and see if you need a check-up. Of course, if anything comes up in the meantime, you know you can always reach me directly at (phone number).”

If you hit voicemail:

“This is (your name) calling from (your practice). I’m calling to see how you’re doing. You can reach me directly at (phone number). If I don’t hear from you, then I will follow up in a few days.”

“I hope you are doing well and look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Reactivating chiropractic patients on a quarterly basis is an important part of keeping your schedule full and staying connected to the people to know, trust, and like you!

A Word About Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor

Looking for more guidance, tools, retention tips, chiropractic marketing ideas, and an email marketing strategy for chiropractors created to help you start attracting new chiropractic patients and help your practice grow?

We’re here to help.

Chiropractic Email Marketing in 2023 Best Practices: Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor

Over the past year, our team of chiropractic marketing geeks at The Smart Chiropractor has worked with over 300 practices and sent over 10 million emails.

(And we’re thrilled that our average doctor has seen an 11X ROI from their email marketing efforts!)

There’s one BIG thing we learned from working with practice after practice after practice that we’ve kept in mind as we crafted this list of 8 key reasons email marketing in 2023 is still one of the best marketing channel you should use…

Too many chiropractors with holes in their schedule form their marketing strategy around the notion that they have a new patient problem.

However, that’s often NOT the case.

Think of it this way…

Know This

When you have holes in your bucket – and this goes for any email marketing strategy for chiropractors – the faster you dump new patients (water) in the top of the bucket, the quicker it will pour out the sides (retention) and bottom (reactivations) until you seal the holes.

If you have an email list of over 300 patients – that’s 300 local patients that have walked through your doors and experienced your care – it’s not true.

With a list of that size, what you almost certainly do have is a patient retention and reactivation problem.

That’s where Patient Pilot comes in.

A Showcase of the Different Features Offered to Members of Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor
Chiropractic Email Marketing in 2023 Best Practices: Patient Pilot

Our email marketing strategy for chiropractors and automated chiropractic email marketing system was designed to help provide patients with a fantastic experience that, in turn, can help fill the holes in your practice’s patient bucket and generates excellent ROI.

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