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7 Eye-Opening Health Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care is Characterized by a Non-Invasive, Non-Pharmacological, Whole Person Approach to Healthcare

In our modern-day world it seems more and more of us are subjecting ourselves to heightened levels of constant stress, to diets lacking in basic nutrition, and to increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

And, amazingly, we know that these habits will almost certainly result in significant damage to the stability of our physical and mental health.

Did You Know…

Recent studies have shown that over 1 in 5 people suffers from chronic pain each and every day.

By choosing not to make the time to get the proper treatment, chronic pain sufferers can find themselves living with a significantly impacted quality of life.

What’s more, unchecked chronic pain can lead to the development of other health issues.

The good news is that there are answers to be found outside of the pharmacy counter and there are many benefits of visiting a chiropractor.

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In fact, since 1895, conservative-first chiropractic care has been used to by many people worldwide to positively impact their health naturally.

The Fundamental Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor

Chiropractic is considered a non-invasive and non-pharmacological method of care that revolves around improving the movement and function neuromusculoskeletal system.

Although pharmacological treatments can sometimes hide or mask the symptoms of pain, they almost certainly do nothing to address and fix the cause of that pain.

That’s where chiropractic care can provide tremendous benefit.

Let’s dive in and take a look at 7 of the biggest health benefits of visiting a chiropractor that can lead to some noticeably positive changes in the body and mind.

1) — Receiving Periodic Chiropractic Care Can Promote an Improvement in Your Sleep Patterns

Dod you know that a whopping 70 million Americans suffer from sleeping issues or insomnia for a wide range of reasons?

It’s no secret that irregular sleeping patterns can disturb your mood, memory, and focus and even cause weight gain.

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So, it’s essential to get approximately 6+ hours of quality sleep every night to help the body function at its best.

Know This

Chiropractors can help improve a person’s quality of sleep by first helping to restore any faulty biomechanical patterns to reduce the levels of pain they may be dealing with day in and day out.

Adequate sleep helps ensure the nervous system is able to work at optimal capacity.

In very basic terms, this also allows individuals to maintain an optimal balance in their internal systems.

One of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor is that many chiropractic patients often report feeling a significant difference in the quality of their sleep over the span of their first two visits.

And once they start sleeping properly, it’s then that they notice an improvement in their focus, memory, and productivity.

Research has indicated that well-rested people are at a lesser risk of health problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Chiropractic care can also be a big help when it comes to the care of chronic pain.

2) — Participating in Routine Chiropractic Care Can Help Reduce Your Aches and Pains and Need for Pain Meds

Perhaps one of the most commonly discussed reasons for visiting a chiropractor is that chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle care can help patients reduce and even eliminate their chronic pain and, likewise, their need for pain medications.

More and more people are becoming aware that prescription medication can have unwanted side effects on your body.

To add insult to injury, these medications merely conceal or mask the pain and do next to nothing to address the root cause of the pain the recipient of the prescription is experiencing.

Treating pain with medication often only keeps the pain at bay for a few hours.

Once the effects of the medication(s) wear off, the pain returns… often at an increased intensity.

A Woman Gets Her First Chiropractic Adjustment After Reading About the Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor
Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor: Musculoskeletal Care

The practice of chiropractic care revolves around improving the function of a person’s neuromusculoskeletal system.

Know This

Chiropractic adjustments are the primary tool of most clinicians.

The targeted adjustments provided by chiropractors are intended to ultimately help your body deal with the demands placed on it and the stresses of everyday life more efficiently.

In other words, one of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor is that patients ultimately feel generally better and a lot more relaxed as their chiropractors address the physiological pain points and stressors they’ve been living with through adjustments and follow-up.

The improvement they feel in their quality of life means it’s more likely they’ll have a reduced need to reach for pain pills or to seek prescription medications.

And less pain often means less stress.

3) — Making Time for Regular Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help Lessen Your Tension and Stress

Stress can be a significant part of anyone’s life, whether they’re a bank manager or a professional athlete.

Interestingly, it’s often a lack of movement and physical activity that’s behind the levels of stress we all deal with.

A lack of daily exercise, for example, can manifest as both physical and mental stress.

And, as you may have guessed from our brief look at sleep early on in this brief, a person’s stress levels are directly linked to their sleeping patterns.

Know This

Remember, one of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor and of starting chiropractic care – specifically chiropractic adjustments – can help remove any built-up stress from your neuromusculoskeletal system.

By examining and then adjusting the joints of the body, a chiropractor help improve the body’s range of motion so patients can move more freely and complete their day-to-day activities without pain.

In fact, it’s often as soon as these adjustments (or manipulations) are performed that many patients report feeling less tension and more overall comfort and calm.

A big component of the success of those chiropractic adjustments has to do with lifestyle analysis, patient education, and so on – patient participation in their own care is crucially important.

For instance, when a patient makes drinking plenty of water and avoiding processed foods in their diet a priority while also maintaining their regular sessions with their chiropractor, it’s far more likely they’ll get well, stay well, and stay motivated.

It’s also likely they’ll enjoy the benefits of better posture.

4) — Periodic Chiropractic Care Can Also Help You Maintain and Improve Your Posture

It’s 2022, and each and every one of us is relying on technology (and dealing with neck and back pain) more than ever.

Most of us can be found hunching on our laptop screens or looking down at our phone from any number of awkward angles while we scroll and scroll for what can be hours on end.

All this awkward posting can lead to less-than-ideal compensatory physiological changes in our neck and spine – i.e. the development of poor posture.

And, as most of us also know, poor posture can causes back pain and, in some cases, hunch back.

Know This

Fortunately, it’s well-known that chiropractic care is a wonderful tool for improving posture.

When working to restore proper posture, a chiropractor will often start by adjusting the shoulders, mid-back, low back, or neck to help first restore their normal movement patterns.

The Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor are Not Lost on a Man and His Young Son as They Perform the Posture Maintenance Exercises They Were Taught
Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor: Less Stress, Better Posture

They’ll focus on joint movement and function with a special eye toward ensuring proper alignment to help reduce tension in the muscles at a foundational level.

Additionally, some chiropractors may document the positioning of a patient’s vertebrae or request an x-ray so they have a clearer picture of their body’s current condition during their initial visit and as treatment progresses.

And while certain adjustments can seem to be administered very quickly and involve a significant level of pressure or force and involve a number of “pops” and “cracks”…

Chiropractic adjustments actually involve very subtle movements within and around the joints of the body.

You won’t experience any jarring changes or pain, but, rather, a steady improvement in your posture over time.

Knowing this, it’s likely your chiropractor will also prescribe certain maintenance exercises to help boost the results of your adjustments and to help keep you feeling great and relaxed overall.

And better posture can contribute to another of the many great benefits of visiting a chiropractor – more natural energy.

5) — Getting Adjusted by a Chiropractor Can Help Boost Your Natural Energy Levels

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the primary reasons many of us lack the motivation to be productive.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

If follows that being inactive for hours on end day after day after day can affect your mental health and lead to constant feelings of fatigue and tiredness.

The good news is that if you are looking for ways to live a more active lifestyle, yes – it’s on the list of benefits of visiting a chiropractor.

Know This

Recent research strongly suggests that spinal adjustments can promote increased levels of endorphins – aka the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain.

Some chiropractic patients have reported an increase in their natural energy levels after just a couple of visits with their local chiropractor.

The benefit is that an energy boost is just what most of us need to get motivated to get up, get active, and even make time for hobbies and activities we may have let fall by the wayside.

That said, it’s probably no surprise that many professional athletes are under chiropractic care right now.

6) — Keeping Up on Routine Chiropractic Care Can Help Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Believe it or not, athletes use the services of chiropractors more than just about any of us.

For instance, team chiropractors often travel with just about every professional sports team, and it’s easy to see why.

At the high level that professional athletes compete at, it’s likely that they’ll regularly strain their muscles or sustain internal injuries during games – especially if they participate in contact sports.

And over-exerting the body with the proper maintenance and recovery care can lead to complicated joint issues and an increased risk of suffering further injury or re-injury.

Chiropractors can provide timely relief from such probable issues with specialized spinal adjustment and manipulation techniques.

A Young Female Athlete Decides to Visit a Local Female Sports Chiropractor After Reading ABout the Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor
Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor: Optimized Function and Performance
Know This

Again, these adjustments can not only help athletes find relief at the time they are treated but can also help support the body in a way that can lessen the chance of future injuries.

That’s why players are always encouraged to seek care before, during, and after every season to take advantage of the many benefits of visiting a chiropractor.

Doing so helps them stay on track which, in turn, can help boost their athletic performance by keeping them off the sideline and in the game.

Knowing such care is readily available can also help athletes maintain a positive outlook, and the same can be said for anyone who receives chiropractic care.

7) — It’s Possible That Simply Experiencing Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Your Mood

Obviously, constantly being “stuck” in a lousy mood can impact a person’s mental health, and some of the biggest reasons many of us find ourselves in a “bad” mood are chronic pain, over-exhaustion, stress, and strain on our spines and bodies.

While it should be stated that chiropractors are not mental health specialists, researchers have observed a strong correlation between the presence of mental health issues and the presence of chronic pain which is why an improved mood can be considered one of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor.

For instance, once a person is able to lessen or relieve the chronic pain they’ve been living with, it’s likely they’ll feel happier and more content over all.

Know This

As discussed earlier, one of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor is that chiropractors can help you find real and lasting relief from chronic pain, which, in turn, can lead to an improved mood, outlook, and motivation.

Chiropractors are Dedicated and Trained to Help You Restore and Optimize Your Overall Health, Naturally

Chiropractic care has been part of the wellness conversation worldwide for well over 125 years.

Know This

Chiropractors focus on improving your neuromusculoskeletal function with spinal manipulation and other natural, movement-based techniques.

As you can see, using the innate power of the body to heal the body from the inside out has been associated with the wide range of health benefits of visiting a chiropractor we covered above.

Choosing chiropractic care means saying yes to the potential it has to improve both your physical and mental health.

So, this year, it’s a smart idea to take the leap and add chiropractic visits to your monthly wellness routine.

Your body will thank you!

A Young Mother That Recently Started Receiving Chiropractic Care After Reading About the Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Enjoys a Workout with Her Toddler Free of Pain
Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor: Mental and Physical Wellness

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