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3 Ways Patient Pilot Boosts Your Review Wave Results

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Review Wave: Texting, Online Scheduling, Reviews

About Review Wave

Review Wave is a super popular texting and scheduling software that thousands of chiropractors worldwide use daily.

A Couple of Male Review Wave Representatives Pose for a Photo in Front of Their Trade Show Booth
Review Wave: Texting, Online Scheduling, and Reviews

But, to get the most out of it, you’ll also want to have Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor. 

Patient Pilot: Email for Chiropractors

About Patient Pilot

Patient Pilot is an emerging chiropractic email marketing platform designed by our team at The Smart Chiropractor.

We created Patient Pilot to help chiropractors provide an even more fantastic experience for their patients that can help fill the holes in their practice’s patient bucket and generates excellent ROI.

A Scene Depicting the Different Aspects of the Patient Pilot Chiropractic Email Platform
Patient Pilot Chiropractic Email Platform

How Patient Pilot Helps Review Wave Work Better

If you don’t have Patient Pilot… well, you’re missing out!

Review Wave is well-known for helping chiropractors collect a crazy amount of Google reviews for their clients, which is incredible!

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Their online scheduling tool is also a fantastic way to schedule more patients.

This is brought together with their texting platform.

But, when you add Patient Pilot, you can supercharge your results and ROI. 

Key Benefits of Review Wave

Review Wave is a great tool to…

  • Get more chiropractic Google reviews
  • Schedule more patients with their online scheduler
  • Text your patients for missed appointments 

And if you’re interested in getting the most out of your investment…

You’ll want to use Patient Pilot.

Here’s why.

"It's pretty amazing to send an email and see your online scheduler fill up. Now, I don't need to sit down and stare at a blank sheet of paper to try to figure out my marketing plans!"


Dr. Reed Neubaum, DC

Ultimate Health

Automate Your Emails

1) Patient Pilot Boosts Review Wave’s Google Reviews

Getting Google Reviews is critical to modern practice success.

Simply put, the more reviews you get, the more new patients you’ll get from Google. 

Pretty much everyone looking for a “chiropractor near me” on Google will immediately check the number of reviews a practice has to decide who they are going to call. 

Review Wave does a great job texting your patients and helping you stack up reviews.

Unfortunately, only some patients leave a review… some may even leave a negative one.


It all comes down to patient experience.

Review Wave collects reviews from your patients but doesn’t ensure your patient has an awesome experience in your practice. 

That’s where Patient Pilot comes in.

Key Benefits of Patient Pilot

Patient Pilot’s thoughtful email campaigns can help…

  1. Get even more reviews
  2. Ensure every patient has an awesome experience in your practice

That’s exactly how Patient Pilot helps you get the most out of your Google reviews automation.

Patient Pilot guides your new patient onboarding to ensure they have a world-class onboarding and welcome experience.

A Scene Depicting the Automation Features of the Patient Pilot Chiropractic Email System
Boost Your Compliance: Add Patient Pilot

It’s completely automated and sets you up for success.

Know This

Patient Pilot onboarding automation ensures you get more reviews because you have more patients primed to give the reviews.

Now instead of blindly texting everyone hoping for good reviews, you can rest easy knowing every one of your patients had an awesome onboarding experience.

It’s all about patient experience, and that’s where Patient Pilot shines.  

Patient Pilot helps you get more 5-star reviews. 

2) Patient Pilot Boosts Review Wave’s Online Scheduler

Online scheudling is a gamechanger.

Everyone is looking for convenience in their life and online scheduling is convenient for your patients and your practice! 

Online scheduling is a great tool, but want to know what’s even better?

An automated system that drives multiple patients directly to your online schedule daily, week after week, and month after month. 

A Scene Depicting a Chiropractor's Weekly Email Newsletter Arriving in a Patient's Inbox
Boost Your Retention: Add Patient Pilot

Patient Pilot helps you maximize the online scheduling feature.

Our weekly email newsletters and monthly reactivation campaigns drive 26 people to our member’s online schedulers each month.

Know This

And remember, Patient Pilot isn’t dropping cold leads at your scheduler and “hoping for the best.” With Patient Pilot, we guide the people who already know, like, and trust you directly to your online scheduler.

That means more reactivations and a full schedule. 

The average Patient Pilot member has over five weekly reactivations using our automated campaigns.

You’re set up for success when paired with your online scheduling tool. 

Know This

With Patient Pilot driving people to your online scheduler, you can take full advantage of a technology stack that helps fill your schedule on auto-pilot. 

Patient Pilot helps more people schedule visits with your online scheduler. 

3) Patient Pilot Boosts Review Wave’s Texts

Texting is a great way to communicate with your patients “in real-time.”

It’s estimated that up to 85% of people open or see a text when it’s delivered, but there are a few problems with texting. 

Texts are short, reactive, and transactional.

Texting for missed appointments and appointment reminders are important transactional messages, but, as a chiropractor, you want to build relationships with your patients. 

Transactional texts are an excellent reactive way to manage your practice, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You’ll still be spinning your gears without a proactive email marketing campaign.

An Infographic Depicting the Chiropractic Patient Journey
Boost Your Engagement: Add Patient Pilot

Patient Pilot adds automated email marketing systems to your practice, helping your texting system work even better.

Know This

Instead of your patients only receiving reactive texts about missed appointments, they’ll also receive weekly email newsletters and monthly appointment reminders via email that extend your relationship and work to keep your schedule full. 

Email marketing with Patient Pilot isn’t limited to 140 characters.

An email will allow you to build trust and rapport in a way that texting can’t do. 

There is an old saying, “the money is in your list.”

They aren’t talking about texting!

Know This

Your email list is your most valuable asset, and Patient Pilot powers an automated system that helps everything in your practice work better. 

Patient Pilot helps your text campaigns be more successful by laying a solid foundation with email marketing automation. 

A Scene Depicting the Different Aspects of the Patient Pilot Chiropractic Email Platform
Patient Pilot Chiropractic Email Platform

How to Get Started with Patient Pilot

If you are happy with the texting, Google Reviews, and online scheduling options you have, you will be blown away by the benefits you can expect when you add Patient Pilot.

And with our satisfaction guarantee, you have no risk. 

Over the past year, we’ve worked with over 300 practices and sent over 10 million emails. 

Patient Pilot by The Smart Chiropractor

The average Patient Pilot member has an 11X ROI. 

Patient Pilot email automation fills the holes in your practice bucket, generates excellent ROI, and provides your patient with a fantastic experience.

Click here to schedule a demo and see how Patient Pilot can transform email marketing in your practice.

Patient Pilot is Here!

Send Emails. Reactivate Your Patients.

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