How to Sell More Chiropractic Products in the Next 30 Days

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

For many chiropractors, selling products has always been an unprofitable challenge not worth the time and effort. But thanks to technology and automations, that has now changed. Here is what you need to know about how to sell more chiropractic products.

When you share your favorite products with your HealthTribe via email, social media, and your in-office screens, you can generate thousands of dollars in recurring revenue for your practice month after month.

The best part is you don’t need to feel uncomfortable about recommending and “selling” your favorite things.

We’ll break down each step and give you actionable strategies, but first… let’s clarify the concept and mindset.

Every chiropractor receives lots of questions about the people, places, and products you recommend most.

This is why we believe you SHOULD have your favorite products available for your patients to purchase in your own “hassle-free” online store.

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You’re their doctor! They look to you to help them identify the products you like most.

Let’s begin by asking:

  • What product types do patients ask you about often?
  • What products are you personally using or passionate about recommending?

An easy place to start is teaching people about the importance of a good night’s sleep with your favorite recommended pillows, mattresses, and supplements.

If you’ve been in practice for more than a week, chances are you have patients who ask your opinion about a variety of different health habits and goals.

What you want to be able to say to people in response to their questions is that you’ve helped many people with that issue and that your favorite solution is available in your practice’s online store.

Whether it’s your favorite supplement, pillow, home-exercise tools, ergonomic supports, they’ve got questions.

"We have loved this! We have already had 5 patient reacts from the emails in one week!"


Dr. Matthew Barnhart, DC

Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness

Automate Your Emails

You’ve got solutions.

Now you can not only recommend your favorite things, but you can also offer them in your online store for their convenience.

But, if you’re reading this article, It’s likely your answers have been more like, “that’s a great question, Steve. If you type “pillow” into the Amazon search bar, you should look for one that has a Tempur-pedic top that’s not too thick or too thin. Something that’s around 50 bucks is probably a good buy.”

Instead of sending people on a search for their best guess at what you recommend, it’s much easier for them and more profitable for you if you can invite them to find all of your favorite things in your curated, hassle-free online store.

Here’s how to get started…

Three steps you can take today to sell more products in the next 30 days…

1. Email

Email marketing crushes all other forms of e-commerce marketing.

There’s a reason why you get an email from J.Crew and Jomashop every day … because it works!

Now, we’re not saying you need to email your list every single day with cheesy offers, but you do need to email your list at least once a week to stay connected, build trust and grow your product sales.

Highlighting your favorite products at least once a week and tying your recommendations to your Monthly Campaign in your office is an incredibly powerful strategy to boost your favorite product sales.

Important: When sending emails about your favorite products, remember to keep your subject line short and punchy.

A great email subject line stimulates curiosity and gets your recipients to open the emails.

The body of your email (or body copy) should directly address the benefits, not the features, of the product you are sharing.

Readers should very clearly understand the benefits they may expect when using the product you are recommending.

If you are new to copywriting (or writing emails in general), you may accidentally start listing the product’s features instead of the benefits.

Pro Tip: Don’t list product features; focus on the product’s benefits.

Features tend to be the things YOU care about.

Benefits tend to be the things YOUR PATIENTS care about.

After you write your sales emails, take a second look back at them to make sure you are focused on the patient’s benefits more than your favorite features.

Features are technical and tend to be things like .02 oz of DHA, polycarbonate exterior, etc.

Benefits are experiential and tend to be things like easy to swallow, comfortable, pain-relieving, etc.

Next, you’ll want to create a compelling call-to-action.

The call-to-action is the action step (or click) you would like the reader to take next if they want more.

In most cases, this is clicking to purchase the product you are recommending.

Your call to action should be simple, clear, and direct.

Marketers have a saying that “confusion kills conversion.” Your call-to-action button should be easily identifiable and benefit-driven when possible.

When a reader/patient clicks on the call-to-action button, make sure it takes them directly to the product purchase page.

Don’t just have it drop them at the “front door” of your website or store.

If someone clicks to purchase and gets directed to your homepage and then has to search for the product, there is a roughly zero percent chance they will click and find the product and purchase it.

When they click the call-to-action, it’s a DIRECT sign they’re ready to buy it, so make it as easy as possible for them, or else you’ll lose the sale.

2. Social

You can and should be using social media to build a tribe of people who know, trust, and like you (hint: you probably already have this tribe) and consistently share the benefits of your favorite things with them.

The easiest way to get started selling more products on social media is by doing these simple things.

  • Create Posts teaching people about your favorite things.
  • Post Consistently with invitations to easily purchase at your store.
  • Yeah, the strategy is pretty shockingly simple- you first create posts and then post them consistently!

If you are camera-shy, you can create images of the products and then list the product’s benefits in the copy of the post.

This is a great way to get started.

When creating the post images, Facebook will draw in the photo from your product page if you link directly to the product (which we recommend).

If the image that Facebook pulls in doesn’t look right, check your store and see if you can edit your product’s social image.

Facebook posts underperform if the image is loaded with text, so try to keep it simple and visually focused.

Just like in your emails, focus on the benefits of your product instead of the features.

If you can ethically showcase scarcity (limited number of products or a little amount of time), then do so!

Again, make sure your post direct links to the product sales page.

If you are not camera-shy, then we recommend shooting a weekly “Friday Favorites” video.

Every Friday, take 2 minutes and shoot a quick video introducing, showing, and describing your “favorite things.”

By doing a “Friday Favorites” video each week, you’ll have an additional 52 opportunities to sell!

Nothing builds trust faster than video, and shooting a quick video is a powerful way to position yourself and the products you are recommending.

Even if your Facebook following is small, shooting a weekly video can make a HUGE difference in your total sales volume over a year.

Optimally, you would have at least one post and one video each week on your social media channels showcasing your favorite product of the week.

3. In-Office TV Screens

The third step to driving more product sales for your chiropractic practice is utilizing your in-office TV screens.

If you have a TV in your office right now and it’s set to play the news or sports, you may notice that these things are called commercials that promote products and services between segments.

Do you think those shows and commercials are there to help your patients want to buy more of “your” services and favorite things? (Am I laying it on thick enough?)

Here’s the thing, you should be running your commercials promoting “you” and your favorite recommended products!

By streaming video to your screens, you control your office’s messages.

Say goodbye to pharmaceutical commercials and say hello to your natural health.

You can think of your in-office screens as your own little media company.

Promoting your favorite things and the products you recommend to your patients is a great way to help them take advantage of the full benefits of your knowledge, as well as an excellent way for you to generate additional revenue through automated product sales.

Your promotions can be updated each week to correspond with the product you recommend on social media and email.

This combined system provides multiple touches each week across multiple platforms.

These cross-platform touches allow you to drive more sales!

Selling Products

Selling products in your practice used to be a major hassle with little to no profit leftover.

Today, technology makes having a store that offers your favorite things can and should be “hassle-free.”

It’s just smart to create a way to monetize your knowledge, time, and skills outside of hands-on care, now more than ever.

Your patients are already purchasing all of their health-related products from someone, somewhere.

Shouldn’t they purchase and use your favorite things, and shouldn’t you profit from making the recommendation and sale “hassle-free?”

As their chiropractor, they trust you.

They trust you to provide them the best quality health care they can find and afford.

We believe that care should include recommending your favorite health education and products you most recommend to help people reach their ideal health goals.

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