S1E4: Your Chiropractic Website is Not Enough

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Episode Recap

In this video you’ll discover why your chiropractic website isn’t enough.

When it comes to marketing, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only considering SEO and your website.

Social platforms allow you to actively engage and build a community, or health tribe, of people who know, trust, and like you.

If you Teach & Invite Consistently on your social platforms, and email, you have an opportunity to reach far more people than restricting your marketing to passive traffic on your chiropractic website alone.

Most chiropractic websites are designed to be destinations, which limit your ability to gain a lot of exposure. Your social channels allow you to teach something your audience wants to know and then invite them to take the next step.

Your social channels provide you with an incredible power to publish and distribute your unique message of health to thousands of people each day.

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If you’re waiting on people to passively come to your chiropractic website, you are missing the opportunity to amplify your message of health.

Search engines (SEO, Google) are great for current demand, but social (Facebook/Instagram) works on latent demand.

Latent demand means that there is interest, even though the person may not be currently searched for it right now. And, here’s the kicker, over 99% of demand is latent!

In 2020, and beyond, you need to be consistently publishing high-quality content on your social channels.

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Episode Highlights

  • [00:01:00] Why your website isn’t the only way you should market your practice
  • [00:03:00] How many people are actively searching for a chiropractor online?
  • [00:10:02] The difference between active and latent demand
  • [00:15:19] An optimization strategy to engage more people on your website
  • [00:20:01] Why it’s a better strategy to teach than to sell
  • [00:24:09] The importance of a daily dose of inspiration
  • [00:28:17] Why design matters with your marketing

Impact Quotes

  • Being the cheapest offer that a patient sees is not an indication of successful marketing.
  • Your website is a destination and serves the 1% of the market that is currently searching for chiropractic. What about the other 99%?
  • Most docs overspend on a website that doesn’t even do what it’s intended to do; which is simply answer questions.
  • Is your website being used to build long term relationships or short term transactions?
  • Ideally, your chiropractic website is a portal to your social platforms and email list.
  • Your marketing focus should be on consistently publishing valuable content.

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