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So you’ve graduated from chiropractic school.. or maybe you’re looking for the next opportunity in your career.

If you haven’t noticed, finding a chiropractic job can be a bit challenging.

Dozens of websites have a few chiropractic jobs listed, but it seems that most end up falling short.

You wind up visiting massive sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter, which are not chiropractic specific.

(We’ve seen those sites and wondered if some of the postings are even real!)

On the other end of the spectrum are local chiropractic association websites, which are super-specific… but have minimal reach and are incredibly fragmented.

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It can take hours upon hours peeling through those small sites just to find a single job listing that resonates with you. If you trying to find a bunch of different chiropractic jobs…good luck- until now!

So we’ve decided to aggregate a few of the most popular and robust chiropractic jobs below to solve this mess.

Feel free to cruise around, and check out the opportunities.

Chiropractic Jobs

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Are Chiropractors in Demand?

Chiropractic is the most popular complementary and alternative medicine profession in the world.

Tens of millions of people each year seek chiropractic care to perform their best or recover from injuries.

Currently, approximately 55,000 active chiropractors are practicing in the United States, which is the most in the world.

Countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are next in terms of total practicing chiropractors.

It’s expected that the demand for chiropractors will continue to increase as both the need for conservative options for musculoskeletal issues and the drive for improved human performance continues to grow.

Chiropractors work with your body to naturally function and perform at its highest level without the use of drugs or surgery.

Many chiropractors focus on working on the spine because your spine houses and protects your central nervous systems.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to influence the nervous system to produce benefits such as improved range of motion, decreased pain, increased function, and even short-term strength improvements.

What is the Highest-Paid Type of Chiropractor?

Salary Stats

While it’s nearly impossible to find out who the highest-paid chiropractor is, we can examine the salary statistics.  The average income of a chiropractor is around $85,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Many chiropractors earn more than $1,000,000, and quite a few earn less than $30,000 per year.

The highest-paid chiropractors typically own their practices and have at least one associate doctor.

While a highly paid chiropractor may still treat patients, it’s not every day that he is the only one treating patients.

by hiring other associate chiropractors, the clinic owner can leverage their time and generate more income over time as an owner.

Additionally, there is a balance between income and freedom.

Over the past few years, chiropractors have generated revenue in new ways such as telehealth, YouTube, and eCommerce.

These new avenues for income are not yet matured, and the highest-paid chiropractor of the future may have a “digital practice.”

Do Chiropractors Make Good Money?


Chiropractors tend to make a comfortable upper-middle-class income.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chiropractors’ average income is approximately $85,000.

The two most significant factors that affect the payment of a chiropractor are their location and business structure.

For example, the average salary of a chiropractor in Wyoming is nearly 75% less than a chiropractor in Rhode Island.

However, even in states where the average salary is low, individual chiropractors can still earn quite a bit of money each year.

The business structure is the most impactful determining factor of income.

Chiropractors who are associate doctors tend to make less than those who are clinic owners.

While an associate chiropractor may max out at $150,000 per year in income, there is no cap on how much you can earn as a clinic owner.

If you’re looking to “get rich” by becoming a chiropractor, we will encourage you to find another profession.

Quite frankly, there are easier ways to generate six figures or more in income per year.

But if you have a passion for healthcare, a service mentality, and love seeing people reach their goals, then chiropractic may be the perfect profession for you.

If you are a chiropractor looking for your next opportunity, we would recommend visiting the websites we’ve listed above to see what’s out there.

Each day more new chiropractic jobs are posted and your perfect match may be only a click away.

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