S1E2: Your Chiropractic Advertising is Not Enough

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Episode Recap

This video will show you why your chiropractic advertising isn’t enough.

Do you know the difference between chiropractic advertising and chiropractic marketing? Why are chiropractors always in need of more new patients?

Most advertising is designed to get the most amount of “leads”, which are mostly unqualified.

This in turn leads to spending more and more money each month to receive diminishing returns.

Advertising is actually a small subset of marketing, but many chiropractors have been tricked into thinking that advertising will “save” their practice.

In reality, Facebook ad companies that create leads based on discount offers for care are doing so because it’s easiest for them, not because it’s what’s best for your practice.

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However, if you market your chiropractic practice by using our framework of Teach & Invite Consistently, you’ll notice a dramatic change in your ability to attract and retain patients.

Consistently using automated content marketing through social, email, and your in-office screens can free you from the discount ads and set up your practice for long term success.

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Episode Highlights

  • [00:00:33] What’s the difference between chiropractic advertising and chiropractic marketing?
  • [00:04:53] Leads vs people who know, trust, and like you.
  • [00:12:00] Become a microcelebrity in your community
  • [00:20:11] Why do patients refer
  • [00:24:53] Marketing power tools

Impact Quotes

  • Like healing, marketing takes time.
  • The easiest, not best thing to do is create a discount offer.
  • Leads are not patients.
  • Who you are drives how you market.
  • Content and consistency are the missing marketing links for many chiropractors.
  • People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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The result? More new patients, more referrals, and more reactivations with automated digital content marketing.

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Dr. Sam Liveriadis, DC

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