Jane Chiropractic EHR: 4 Ways It Can Help Manage Your Clinic’s Growth Through Automation

While The Smart Chiropractor can help drive new patients to your schedule through automated digital marketing, we at Jane want to ensure that you’ve got in place all of the tools you need to be just as effective in managing your clinic’s growth.

In this blog, we will share the most relevant tips & tricks we see our chiropractic clinics use to:

  • Help speed up daily (repetitive) workflows; and,
  • Implement automation where you need it the most.

The perfect combination for a growing clinic. We hope you find it helpful.

Oh, and before we forget, allow us to introduce you to Jane! 🙂

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Jane chiropractic EHR

Chiropractic EHR Automation – A Necessity for Growth

We understand that running a chiropractic clinic is unique. Shorter appointments mean more patients, more charting, more billing—and basically, more of everything! But, taking in more patients doesn’t necessarily have to mean more admin work.

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4 Ways Jane Lightens the Admin Workload

Here are a few ways Jane chiropractic EHR has helped chiropractic clinics lighten the admin workload.

1. COVID-19 Pre-screening Clinical Survey

By using Jane’s electronic COVID-19 pre-screening survey before your patient’s appointment, you’ll not only reduce patient traffic at the front desk, but you’ll also save time from manual entry or scanning.

Of course, the COVID-19 pre-screening survey is also an essential tool to keep staff safe from potential COVID-19 exposure; ensuring each survey is tracked, reviewed, and stored securely has never been so important.

Many of our chiropractic clinics will use Jane’s pre-populated COVID-19 questionnaire and incorporate an additional section to communicate their Clinic Health & Safety Protocols so that their patients feel safe from exposure before coming in for their appointment.

2. Intake Forms

Another fantastic way we often see our chiropractors automate their practice is by transitioning from paper to electronic intake forms.

We’ve created this handy guide document written by a Clinic Manager who successfully transitioned her clinic over from paper to electronic charting and intakes.

Fun fact: she swears by this transition and then decided to train her Jane chiropractic EHR on everything she learned from that experience.

"The pregnancy campaign was also big for us. We saw 2 pregnant patients in 4 months prior to TSC and last month had 10!"


Dr. Ryan Grenier, DC

Optimal Wellness

Automate Your Emails

Again, there is an opportunity to manage clinic foot-traffic and save time through digital automation: Jane will automatically send your patients an intake form upon booking an appointment—either booking online themselves or by a staff member.

Each Intake form has three distinct areas where information is saved: Profile Fields, Questionnaire, and Consent.

All the data that is collected within these forms auto-populate into the patients’ profiles.

You can say good-bye to scanning or saving paper files; everything is stored safely and securely in your Jane chiropractic EHR without any extra admin work.

Jane Chiropractic EHR

3. Reminders & Notifications

Patients often need to be reminded several times of their upcoming appointments.

Using the Jane chiropractic EHR’s automated SMS and email reminders are an excellent solution to significantly reduce the time you’re required to be on the phone.

And this is perhaps one of the most widely used features across all of Jane’s clinics to reduce the likelihood of no-shows as well.

We recommend that clinics set up their reminders as a “patient selectable” option (i.e. patients can opt-out from their client portal) and enable the reminder as soon as their patient list is in Jane.

For chiropractic clinics, we most commonly see one SMS and one email reminder set-up.

The email is typically set-up to send out 24 or 48 hours in advance (which also tends to be the late cancellation deadline), and the SMS is often set-up 2 hours before the patient’s appointment.

Before we forget—SMS and email reminders in the Jane chiropractic EHR are unlimited and come with no extra costs!

When it comes to booking notifications, we firmly believe that “more is more.”

Whether an appointment is booked, changed, or canceled, you’ll want to also turn on your notifications to help keep your patients (and staff) informed of bookings and changes that come up.

Patients have the flexibility to opt-out of receiving notifications if they wish and staff can benefit from their staff profile.

4. Internal Patient Ratings & Reviews

We’ve saved the best for last! Whether you’re paying for a 3rd party service or just haven’t had the time to hear what your patients are saying, you’re going to need to stop what you’re doing and hop on the rating bandwagon.

Jane now has an automatic Ratings & Review feature to allow you and your staff to keep your finger on the pulse of your growing practice.

This free feature also provides you with a pretty snazzy new report.

Inside the report, you’ll see three sections that help paint a picture of your clinic’s performance and your practitioners’ performance.

This includes:

  • High-level metrics
  • A breakdown by staff member
  • Complete list of received feedback

Now that we’re on a roll with automation, let’s also look at how the Jane chiropractic EHR can help streamline your repetitive clinic workflows.

We’ll start with the big three: Charting, Billing, and Scheduling.

The Big Three: How to Streamline Repetitive Workflows.

Naturally, with any clinic’s growth, there’s an increased need for speeding up repetitive workflows.

We like to call these “The Big Three,” and we’re referring to: charting, taking payment, and scheduling.

Faster & Smarter Charting

Just like The Smart Chiropractor, we consider Jane to be a pretty smart cookie.

Jane chiropractic EHR’s smart charting features will significantly reduce the time it takes to chart.

Use Jane’s phrases, smart options, narratives, and dictation features to speed up your daily charting.

Phrases are a charting feature that allow you to auto-populate sentences or short phrases in a chart entry using a hotkey.

Ask any chiropractor already using this feature—it’s a huge time-saver! Phrases can be used for your most commonly used exercise prescriptions, billing codes, symptoms, assessments, areas of treatment, medications … the options are endless!

The Smart Options & Narrative charting feature allows you to create a complete narrative in a few clicks.

Seriously—click a button and watch the magic happen!

Jane will auto-generate a summary of your findings for you.

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk dictation! Did you know you can dictate right into Jane? iPhones and iPads can use Siri, and on any Mac, you can hit the “fn” key twice to enable dictation.

Your Jane chiropractic EHR will work with any dictation software that works with websites.

Efficient Online Billing

Wouldn’t it be great if a patient could leave right after their treatment without having to line up to settle up for their appointment? With Jane Payments, you can do precisely that!

More and more clinics are integrating this streamlined workflow.

You’ll have the opportunity to get paid when an appointment is booked by setting up credit card pre-payments or deposits for online booking.

If a client would prefer to settle up their payment after a session from the comfort of their own home, you can send a Pay Balance email.

Clients can pay their balances online with the pay prompt inside the email and not have to come into the clinic.

It’s seriously a game-changer.

The benefits? Save time by reducing the payment administration both onsite and after service, and improve your clinic cashflow.

Not to mention, processing payments online avoids the need for onsite PIN entry and allows for a quicker, easier, and safer payment option for both you and your clients.

Simple Scheduling Built for Chiros

With the high number of bookings chiropractic clinics require daily, online booking isn’t a luxury but a necessity for a growing clinic.

Rather than manually booking your clients in, why not use Jane’s Online Booking feature to help you streamline your scheduling?

You’ll love it, and patients will love that you offer it.

The Jane chiropractic EHR also has specific online booking schedule features built for chiropractors.

If you accept multiple patients in different rooms, then this one’s for you!

Turning on Jane’s stagger feature will allow you to accept multiple bookings online, in multiple rooms, and Jane will ensure no two appointments are scheduled at the same start time.

Choose a predetermined “stagger” time, open up your online booking, and you’re good to go!

To turn this feature on, you can click into your Staff Profile > Edit/Settings > Online Booking > and then select the time increment of your stagger.

Below I’ve chosen to ensure that the start times of appointments will be 10-minutes apart.

Jane chiropractic EHR

Start Running with Jane Chiropractic EHR

If you’ve gotten this far with us, thank you for sticking around!

We hope it’s because you’ve found this helpful.

Whether you’re currently with the Jane community or not, we love hearing from you.

Feel free to send us an email (support@janeapp.com), give us a call (+1-844-310-5263), book a live demo, or learn more.

Thanks again for stopping by!

From All of us at the Jane Team 💙

[The Jane chiropractic EHR is a powerful cloud-based practice management solution for Chiropractors, created by a multi-disciplinary clinic owner and a software developer with an obsessive eye for detail.

Since its inception, Jane has evolved to be a practice management solution used by chiropractors worldwide.

Our team truly understands the foundations of clinic management and the value of having a trusted software partner.]

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