Chiro Match Makers: Helping You Find the Right Chiropractic Job

Drs. Jeff Langmaid and Jason Deitch

Founder DCs, The Smart Chiropractor

Chiro Match Makers is a chiropractic staffing agency that helps connect the right people with the right jobs.

Let’s face it, finding a chiropractic associate job can be challenging.

Finding the right chiropractic associate job can feel nearly impossible.

Chiro Match Makers solves this problem using cutting-edge assessment tools to ensure that both the practice owner and chiropractic associate are a good fit.

Chiro Match Makers: Chiropractic Associate Jobs

Most chiropractors want to hire associate doctors to grow their practice.

They are looking for business builders but tend to hire caregivers.

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This inevitably causes issues down the road, and as we know, the saying is “most chiropractors eat their young.”

On the other side, most graduating chiropractors are caregivers by nature.

They are super excited to have a position that pays a fair chiropractic salary and takes care of people.

If you’re a caregiver, then getting hired for a low salary and “upside” based on marketing feels stressful and like you’re being taken advantage of by the clinic owner.

What are the differences between caregivers and business builders?

Caregivers are energized by security and stability.

Earning a consistent and fair salary is attractive to caregivers, and they are very loyal.

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It may seem obvious, but caregivers enjoy delivering care!

Screening, external marketing activities, and “eat what you kill” contracts are stressful and unappealing.

Business builders are energized by dynamic growth.

Business builders enjoy incentive-based contracts and tend to be more extroverted.

Business builders also love providing patient care, but the prospect of external marketing events and the compensation associated with new patient acquisition is something they look forward to instead of resisting.

Chiro Match Makers
Chiro Match Makers

Do you see yourself as a business builder or a caregiver?

You can already start to see that if a clinic owner is looking for a business builder but hires a caregiver – the relationship is bound to go south.

Did You Know…

Chiro Match Makers is the only chiropractic staffing agency that uses proprietary assessments to ensure that the right people are matched with the right chiropractic jobs.

Chiropractic associate relationships can be productive, long-term, and fulfilling when done correctly.

We’ve probably all heard of, or personally experienced, associate chiropractor relationships that either ended poorly or were short-lived.

Most chiropractors don’t think that hiring the right associate can be a seven-figure win over time.

But, hiring the wrong associate can be a six-figure mistake.

But there is a better way.


It all starts with team assessments.

Chiro Match Makers
Chiro Match Makers

Before any chiropractic associate is matched with a clinic, both go through various assessments to ensure that the doctor is a cultural and positional fit for the practice.

By taking a little extra time before placing a chiropractic associate, Chiro Match Makers can dramatically increase the likelihood that the job is an excellent long-term solution for both the associate and the clinic owner.

If a contract is not a win-win-win, then it shouldn’t be completed.

It needs to be a win for the chiropractic associate, a victory for the clinic owner, and a win for the patients.

Also, are you ready for this?

Most Chiro Match Makers associate doctor salaries start above $75,000 per year.

They believe that successful chiropractic practices hire associate doctors to support growth, not “do” the growth.

Chiro Match Makers currently has jobs available in the following locations:

  • Chiro Match Makers Florida
  • Chiro Match Makers California
  • Chiro Match Makers New York

Connect to learn about all the opportunities Chiro Match Makers currently have available.

Chiropractic Assistant Jobs

Staff turnover is one of the biggest challenges in chiropractic practices.

The average chiropractor may have a team of 2-3 people, not 20-30, so losing a team member can be highly disruptive to business operations.

Just like hiring a chiropractic associate, hiring a chiropractic assistant is a critical decision that can cost you dearly if you make the wrong decision.

Assessments are critical when hiring a chiropractic assistant.

Chiro Match Makers
Chiro Match Makers

Have you ever heard of a chiropractic practice hiring an assistant based on compliant, complete, and accurate assessment tools?

It’s unlikely.

It’s one of the reasons why ‘finding good people” is so elusive for many chiropractors.

If you’re hiring based on a gut feeling or a simple interview process, you’re missing out on valuable information that could make or break your decision.

If we’re honest, most people put on their best sales presentation during the interview to get the job.

It’s only after they start working that you discover the rest of the story!

Using assessments before you hire, you’ll know more about their desires, goals, ambitions, and skillsets.

This information is critical to crafting a compensation plan, keeping them motivated, and knowing which tasks are best fit for their skillset after they are hired.

Don’t hire another chiropractic assistant based on the interview alone!

Chiropractic Office Coverage

Get This

In addition to chiropractic associate jobs, Chiro Match Makers also has a locum/coverage division.

While chiropractic coverage is widespread in Australia and Canada, it’s relatively new in the United States.

The bottom line is that chiropractic coverage services can help you stay profitable when you need to be out of your practice.

The most common reasons chiropractors use coverage services is for maternity leave, vacations, or injuries.

There are no reasons to shut down your clinic, interrupt patient care plans, and lose revenue when you can’t be there to adjust.

Even if you have an associate doctor already, you shouldn’t reduce your daily capacity when someone is out of the office.

Chiropractic coverage services allow you to rest easy knowing that you have a trained, licensed, insured, and technique-matched doctor taking care of your patients when you can’t.

Why Use a Staffing Service?


Chiro Match Makers has a full-time team working around the clock to help connect the right people with the right practices.

As a practicing chiropractor, you don’t have the tools, skillset, or time needed to effectively and efficiently find and screen the right talent for your practice to grow.

Using a professional staffing company can help you save time, reduce your stress, and find the right person for your clinic.

Your practice is your lifeblood, so don’t leave the hiring of new team members to chance.

Hiring shouldn’t be done on a whim.

If you don’t have solid contracts, assessment systems, and implementation plans, then you’re winging it.

And your results are bound to suffer.

Using a scientifically based system of assessments, expectations/agreements, and proven contracts can help you curate an incredible team of people who are with you long-term.

Connect with Chiro Match Makers for a discovery call to see how they can help you build and grow a successful team based on science.

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